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Earthdate: August 30, 2006
Subject: Site appearances

I am toying with the website's appearance once again. Tweeking a few things. The old saying. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," may apply right about now.

Few things such as font colour. Font size seems to appear much smaller in firefox for some reason. I don't know why. But I will try to look into it.

I would like some user feedback via my message board. The Website feedback thread can be accessed by non registered users. Feel free to post constructive and useful feedback.

So that is all for now and until I decide to update later,

- Sunstar

Earthdate: August 28, 2006
Subject: Bits and bytes

I am trying a new experiment. I have been thinking about this for a while. I am "eliminating" the shtml version of the site from my links. However the shtml is still there and is updated. Just rename a php extension to shtml if you need it. Otherwise it remains there as an emergency backup should the php go down for whatever reason.

Also, I hope this will enable people to see what I have updated as I usually point out updates in my "news". Just a reminder that the signifies the addition of new material. This symbol will remain in place by the new material from about two weeks to a month and should have a date upon mouse over. Give or take. I update this as often as I update the news but I do try to do that as often as I can.

Newest additions to the Starscreams Shrine collection:

Well addition... Attacktix Starscream.

Pretty cool despite the oversized arm. What is really impressive is the fact it shoots much further than I had even anticipated. A normal sized transformer seems to shoot about 2 - 4 feet. This bugger shot over 10 feet. That's insane. I had figured that for the size of the projectile, that it would simply lazily pop out of the launcher. I am afraid of it hurting if Caspar shoots it at me.


I am a member of the RDD, a Subfaction for the Seibertron Heavy Metal War game and recently we, as in the HMW players had an alt hunt. It became painfully apparent that the hunt was going to mean the death of me because my team was made up of all prey alt modes. Because of this, I decided I would write a "quick" fic based upon the events and how my team dealt with the situation. Unfortunately my team had the second highest killed members. Pulsar or Skywarp, Phoenix, SFP... had the highest death rates. This is the fiction for that event. Enjoy. Attack Autobot City


Seekers of Nimbus

These are based off the Cybertron Starscream's alt mode, but to match my current drawing of Cumulonimbus. Who is a hybrid between the classic Generation one design and Cybertron. The character in the drawing are Thunderfall (blue), Darkstar (black and red) and Cumulonimbus (purple and gold). Called Three Seekers on Deviantart.

In the news

There is more to Starscream and Megatron than just a name.

There has been rather interesting news in the movie area of the fandom, yet I am not really willing to discuss it at all because it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I do not want my website too implicated in this particular debate as the debate has possibly fractured the fandom and that is not good. You can discuss it in the site's forum, just keep it civil and non flame.

Anyway, that's about it for now.

Until later

- Sunstar

Earthdate: August 9, 2006
Subject: Server Move

Fellow Decepticons as your new leader I--?!

I am happy to announce that Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary is functional once more. We must give NRSmedia and his friends a big thank-you for the hard work that was put into getting the board back to normal. I admit, I was pretty scared there for a moment seeing that the last two or three times the board went belly up. These last ones was due to server crash, and then msaccess, the original database, hardly liked having too much of a load on it.

So, welcome back to the Sanctuary and hopefully this won't happen again for another ten months or so. Enjoy yourselves.

This was the note I had sent out to the members of the Message board. Had I really thought about it in greater detail, I could have popped a noticed directly on my website in that scrolling marquee or something. Something to let the visitors know where the heck everything went.

I got my ghost statue, #47 of 300. He is really really sweet and very shiny. Sort of looks like green ice cubes to me. I think he is really sweet but I do not feel he is worth more than 100 - 120 bucks at the most. I have seen him on e-bay for twice that or even more.

Also coming soon, I hope, is an attacktix Starscream figure. Should be arriving either this week or next. SO that is about it for updates today. Sanctuary is back on line. If you feel there are problems, contact me via PM on the message board or email me at the address at the bottom of the page.

- Sunstar

Earthdate: August 3, 2006
Subject: Lots of Stuff

When it comes to website news and whatnot, it come and goes in bits and pieces. I am not the best person when it comes to keeping things up to date in that, but rest assured. I am adding to my site anytime I have something new to add.

I have recently added an image to my website that will allow you to view my email address without the spiders that come along and take them. I have had a request to perhaps brighten my sites font. I am going to take that into serious consideration. However changes to font type and size will remain the same. I will like to comment that some of the site uses the transformers font for headings. I will try to relocate the site I got that from and link it here for you.

Additions to website:

I have added a 3 inch titanium Starscream statue to my site's Starscream's shrine page as well as a picture of the MegaSCF Starscream with his coronation cape and crown. I never had a reason until recently to have that particular toy dressed all in his coronation garb until a few weeks ago when I entered a photo into a Photocontest on Seibertron. I will provide a link to the more advanced version of that image shortly.

Other additions is the footer with the copy right notice at the bottom of the page. I know its in very very small font. But that's the fine print. I have, so far, just added this footer to the PHP version of the site. I will be adding it to the SHTML version of the site as soon as it cools down a few thousand degrees. So if you are using the SHTML and cannot see this footer or the email image, then this is why what I have said makes little or no sense to you.

I still have not added the find your fate books to my site. This involves installing the scanner and so far, I have been too idle to do much right now.

I have added some art to the art page , albeit not much. I am working on a picture of Starscream in battle, but with some problems with my computer recently, it sort of put me on hold.

Photo cards:

Canada Day: Starscream shows how even Decepticons can be patriotic to canada... or should I say Conada.

Art by others:

The incredible stained glass lamp shade that was made as a commission by Cymru Dragon for me earlier this year. It is really a work of art. She also made me a Suncatcher which she could take commissions on, after her wrist has healed. Contact me at the e-mail below for more information.


Final Moments: A rather dark Photo manipulation, more so than a comic, It is Starscream's death scene from the movie "played out" using the MegaSCF Starscream, lots of light and Photoshop.
For in Darkness I was walking: Which is based off a song, by Uriah Heep. It too is a Photo manipulation.

Other fanfic art:

Sunstar Jet Repaint: Sunstar, my character, I finally managed to finish (without some accessories) Painted up and she has some custom coloured Skywarp stickers. I think she looks really really well done and I am extremely pleased with how she turned out

Fan Fiction:

I have recently, heh in May, added two chapters of Enemy of the cause to the website. This fic is nearly completed Chapters Evasion and Dishonour are the most current chapters.

In the works is another fanfic called the coming of the Storm

It is on the site, but it does need a LOT of work.

To describe a bit more about what this fic is.. I have a rather BIG fan character who sits in my head. He has a deep and beautiful voice, much like Sean Connery's. Cumulonimbus is an interesting character. There are aspects of his life that are yet unknown even to me. And by writing this fic, I hope to understand what might have happened to change him from the bright charismatic Seeker to the near insane Tyrant of terror.

This is not going to be an easy task, or a fast task. I will let it take as long as it needs to write out. I also know where I am going with it so I can go ahead and finish a couple other tasks first.

A small WIP clip from a chapter that I had been working on:

It was in the very early hours of the morning and the prototype room was silent. Spade was there, but he leaned over his desk in an awkward manner he seemed to be asleep. It was often this way for him. Late nights of programming had often found him asleep by his co-workers.

Cumulonimbus stood over Spade for a long moment with his head cocked listening. "Are you okay?" he asked. But there was no response. Cumulonimbus placed his large hand to the still form's throat and pressed gently. The thrum from the fuel pump which he was looking for was absent. He picked up a scanner and scanned the mechanoid: lifeless. Cumulonimbus looked out the window briefly. It was still dark; the Cybertronian dawn was still two hours away.

Toys news:

I have purchased the Starscream's ghost statue that used the palisades mould. Once that arrives in the mail, I will post the pics on Starscream's Shrine page. It is statue 47 of 300. It will be just a matter of findnig a good home for it.

Gotta love what I have been seeing in the past couple months in regards to toys, toys, toys!!!

Titanium 6 inch Starscream:

This is based on the Thundercracker titanium which is a War Within styled Cybertronian Seeker. I am pretty "mad" mad for these Pyramid Seekers and I am not entirely sure why they grab me so. I am looking forward to its release. I would love to repaint one into Sunstar, but we shall see what happens when I actually get it.

Classics Starscream:

The classics transformers are a filler line between now and the movie. The classics Starscream seems to be based off the Masterpiece Starscream. This might be released in October- November. It is really quite a sweet looking transformer and I will be delighted to get my hands on it.

Masterpiece Starscream:

Oh Primus I have died and gone to Cybertronian heaven. This is going to be one remarkable piece of work when he finally comes out. The projected date is September 28th, but do not quote me on this. Websites are breeding grounds for rumours. The mould for the MP-03 has gone through many changes from the first prototype image I have seen.

He in the end has had to be modified to he transforms into an extremely realistic looking F-15 fighter jet. This means his transformation has a few changes that are very different from his original G1 incarnation.

I think what has bothered the fans the most if the location of his tail components. In the cartoon, Starscream's tail gear disappeared into limbo. He had legs without any sort of additional pieces. This is fine to me, I subscribe to subspace. I really wish we did have subspace... my apartment would be MUCH neater. In che comics he seemed to have the rudder sticking out behind him. Again, I do not mind this, I have actually drawn him like this in my one WIP that I have not yet finished or posted.

This has, in the comics, been attached to his legs, and many fans have gone half nuts because they have it hanging off his hips. True, I was a bit...stunned to see that myself, but I did get used to it and the figure is still an incredible piece of work.

However, despite my liking it, the colours have really, really caused a public outcry. Despite the justifiable upset this has caused in many, I think the overall reaction was blown right out of proportion. But I agree, like many, we want to see Starscream released in his original Cartoon-Dreamwave comic "show" colours. (marvel comics do not do it for me.)

The rumour mill, which must be working on massive overtime. Currently states:

a, He will be released as an exclusive with crown (not sure about cape) at an exclusive Japanese toy club. This would be unfortunate because there are many fans who cannot speak Japanese and I am one of them. This will promote scalping on ebay. And yes, I am going to get the "anime" coloured Starscream if he is released.

b, Starscream will be released to the general public, but the exclusive club will get a discount price. I can live with that it simply means I will not be getting the Skywarp or Thundercracker repaint I might have had my optics set on. I would be shot.. I mean eviscerated if I tried to convince my husband that I really need 5 versions of Starscream (if they release Sunstorm too) each running at about 120 dollar a pop. Possibly a lot more.

So far, the fun thing with the MP-03 is the so called pilot. Dr Archeville. It is not that he actually would fly Starscream. He was more of a passenger or should I say a captive of Starscream. Not sure why exactly Starscream wanted to keep this human around, but for some reason Dr. Archeville must have gained some of Starscream's respect.

I will hope for the Megatron gun with Starscream, but I somehow doubt that. It came with Optimus Prime.

Well, if they do release the anime version of Starscream, I will be pleased. This will give me the excuse I need to get my desired two copies of this toy. It is one that I want in both robot and jet modes and the "realistic coloured" one would be perfect for jet mode.

The final thing I want to comment on is the re-release of Transformers: the movie.

This has been redone, I think, by sony. Remastered and colour corrected. I am not sure if this means that some of the colour screw ups and animation errors are going to be fixed. But what I have seen so far has been... really good. Apparently, this might be released with a 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime. Okay, I might just get prime, only if he has the Matrix, Starscream wants this for himself and the Megatron gun....I have a very mean idea here.

I hope I have touched on everything that I wanted. This is a HUGE entry by my standards.

Until later,

- Sunstar