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Earthdate: Dec. 29, 2005
Subject: More website additions.

Okay, to be honest it has been a rough month. December is not my favourite for sure. December seems to bring the worst out of people for some unknown reason. Well Christmas is over and we can look forward to a spring and nice summer once more.

I just recently bought a Deviantart subscription, which pleases me to the end of the world. I am thinking of allowing a different subscription die because it really lacks interest for me.

In the meantime I have been a bit of a procrastinator once more and I have been sort of consumed by sketching. I need to finish two projects I have started as well as work on the next chapter of Antilla. One of these days!!!!

Newest additions to the website are:

Three sketches:
Monkey's Fist
And a Sheep's Skull.

One photo comic:

One RPG Drawing:
Seekers finding their way.

I am impressed with how these images turned out, very impressed.

Anyway, if you have not watched Transformers Galaxy Force, the fan sub. Go get it. Its really good... really really good. The final episode will be out shortly on

So please, have a safe and happy rest of your year 2005 and have a Happy New Year!

Earthdate: Dec. 11, 2005
Subject: Website addtions

Hey! Welcome to December.

I will add a little notation that I have managed to drop down another chapter of my Stargate x Transformers cross over fic, Antilla. Its been something I have been working on for a while but due to various factors, been unable to work on it as diligently as I had hoped. I will be working on the forth chapter very shortly so keep an optic open for that.

Also, I have been gearing up to finally get around to those webpage additions. These additions are now in progress.

Prisoners of Starscream: which is dedicated to non Decepticon transformer toys.
Other games and toys: Which will be the puzzles and things like that.

These, along with Starscream's shrine and Friends of Starscream will end up on a "toys" page. I have not finalised the name for this page.

I have also added piece of art to the website, Totally Mine, is the title. I realise that some of my perspectives are rather..."wonky". I am learning, I am learning! But I really do like this particular piece. Added as well are some greeting cards. One birthday card I had done for my friend's 30th and a New Christmas Greeting card. check them out!


The theme that this website is base on, the blue colour scheme, is from a Winamp skin I did about a year ago; Starscream's datapad. The story behind Starsream's personal datapad, and I love using it in fics, is that he keeps a personal journal of his life on hand. He writes in it frequently and logs all manner of things he likes. Well, I like to cook so I have some of my favourite or very strange recipes written up and I will have a recipe page linked up soon. Just warning though, its written from a Decepticon's perspective.

Yes! I have so many ideas, so much time yet so little motivation. So keep an eye out for new additions.

- Sunstar