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Earthdate: February, 27 2007
Subject: Screamer's gotta gun, whole worlds come undone!

I just got my MP-01 Megatron gun I had bought for my MP-03. To paraphrase someone "Frag, that looks hot!" It really suits Starscream well to have and it's an interesting piece on its own. The gun comes apart and the handle will actually "stretch" a little to become narrower. This makes it much easier for MP-03 to hold. He does have slightly small hands. All his royal highness needs is the Autobot Matrix, MP-05's pistol, and sword as well as Kremzeek.

So this has spawned several additions to the website. Master Piece Starscream , same images are also added to Starscream Generations. For new additions I have added a revolving image of MP-03 with the Megatron gun. That might take a few moments to load. And....a small photo-comic, An Abuse of Power of what Starscream could have done with the Megatron gun...

New in the Sanctuary

Well, coming up soon, hopefully. I am looking into a shopping cart system so I might set up a buy and sell of Transformers and other things. I do not see myself dealing in modern up-to-date items, actually I think I would find parts and vintage toys more appealing. I may get involved with some comics and other things as well. We shall see, if it does not do well, I will cease.

It is taking much work to get sorted out and I will hopefully get the shipping bugs ironed out. Then it will come down to layout and graphics. I love making graphics! So that is hopefully going to appear in the future, preferably near.

In Transformers News

Well with Transformerscon in Toronto about two months away, we are already able to see their exclusive Tranformerscon WST toy, which is a G2 Flamethrower AKA repaint of G1 Snarl. This is kind of cool. If they are not overly expensive, I'll pick a couple up. If not, oh well, no big deal.

In December there will be a six inch Starscream bust figure released. He's in a very dynamic pose and is really quite attractive. I have him on preorder as there are only about 1000 available.

So that is it for now.

Until then,

- Sunstar

Earthdate: February, 24 2007
Subject: EBAY! COMICS ! TOYS! Squee!

Well, lets say a few things first of all. My forum has been updated in the most recent release of PHPBB2 and the site has had an upgrade in PHP software. Please report any odd issues in Repair Bay Problems thread.

In Ebay Auctions

I have a few things up for bids, not transformers unfortunately. They are Warhammer Fantasy and 40k Items

One Out of Production Space Orc Bust made by Forgeworld. And a pair of Felix and Gortex figures. Check them out, they are only up for a week and already two days have past.

In Toys and Games - Comics Section

Well it's about time I moved my aft and picked up the Animated Movie comic book that was patiently awaiting my arrival at the store. I have requested the Origins, Megatron comic set aside for me and I will be attempting to order issues 0 - 3 of the IDW Infiltration series. I hope to pick some of them up soon. I hopefully will be working on collecting the Escalation and perhaps War Within Series too. I hope Caspar doesn't read this page or I'll be in deep slag.

So check here for my latest additions in the Comics page. I have picked up Issues 1 and 2 of the War and Peace series by Dreamwave. Issue 4 of the first Transformers Series. Issues 1 and 5 of the G.I. JOE, WW2 series. This means I am looking for Issues 1 of the First G1 series by Dreamwave and issues 2, 3, 4 and 6 of the WW2.

I have a copy of Armada Issue One the holofoil cover, it's in very good condition, small crease in the back corner by the spine. This book is going to be for sale or trade.

In Starscream's Shrine

Well after a long time pondering the best possible method of doing it, I have finally taken pictures of the Cybertron Supreme Starscream. That's the big fellow with the crown. I should be getting one more picture of him with his Galaxy force Counterpart and his LOC lackey.

In the Friends of Starscream

I could not help myself I have got Classics Astrotrain and he's pretty cool. I am impressed with this series. I only have three of them and I think they are well worth the money.

I have also updated the Photos for the Robot Masters Skywarp and Thundercracker figures.

In Fan Art

We have two pieces. One is a colour commission for Thunderscream. He had the lines done by Charger426 and asked if I could do the colours for him. So I will present Celaeno. A femcon Seeker of a different design.

And, although it is not fan art it is art that I do wish to display. Chase the pigeon, is my pet bird. I sat down and did a sketch of him in graphite pencils. There is a small amount of Photoshop involved with the eye.

I also have a colour job that I will be doing for Charger426 in trade for some artwork. Hopefully we will be seeing that soon.

In Other News

Well, I must say I have bought another couple items on ebay. Again I have picked up a Vintage Starscream stamper. I think this one has the Decepticon insignia on his wings. My current one has Autobot insignia there and I find that most curious. There are also a couple other stampers I may be willing to sell or trade. I am also getting a Vintage zipper pull from the same seller. Which is something that may be cool because I could wear it as a necklace.

So that is it for now, so until later...

- Sunstar

Earthdate: February, 17 2007
Subject: Changes and more additions!

Well, due to the hazards of attempting to edit the right hand bar and having it break up and all manner of slag, I decided to change it to something that is easier to manage and work with. This is a temporary fix until I find something better in it's place.

A question that may arise and I feel that perhaps I better explain why I use some of the other names. I refer to the Nemesis quite frequently on the headers of my website. This is because that is the name of my latest computer. My former computer was called Decepticon, but this one I decided to call The Nemesis. I have also named each hard drive and drive partition a transformer name as well. Ironically, my master drive is named Megatron, and my slave drive is Starscream. I will change this when I feel like messing around with those aspects. Despite being termed Nemesis this or Nemesis that, the site is Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary, that is its name. I have simply named the sections to suit the base theme.

The website colour theme is what I have named Datapad or more specifically, Starscream's Datapad.I did attempt to brighten the font once, but unfortunately, I overwrote the rewritten colours with the old file...that is one of the MOST annoying things to happen when building a website. What is even worse is when you write a whole directory and then overwrite them with the old files...

In Starscream Generations

I am putting this under this heading for now.

I said in an earlier report that I was after a lazy Susan so I might be able to do some special sort of photography. Well, I have picked that up and I finally have. I have no idea where I am gonna put this, under what heading or what even to name it, but here it is... Starscream's Hard Hero bust. It might take a while to load.

This has not only been a little fun for Sunstar, it has also been a royal pain in the afterburner. Why? It takes 16 Photos in order to get this to roll in a non jerky manner. The more the merrier...the more pictures the larger the fragging file but it would mean a smoother movement. It also takes 16 shots taken uninterrupted. This means the inconvenience of batteries going dead, psycho pigeons attacking one's feet and unintentional shaking of the tripod. Nothing is more upsetting that going through 16 pics and finding one that is....blurrrry. However, the bust is done and I think it looks amazing. This paves the way for other objects to be photographed in this manner.

In the Thunderscream Files

I have updated Thunderscream's reviews pages, so we now have reviews on Classics Grimlock, Cybertron Scourge and Universe Overbite for your reading enjoyment. Keep checking back for more!

In the Friends of Starscream

Just a few updates: I have taken new pics of my HOC and SCF figures so take a look at them here. If they seem a bit "squat" that's because I was taking them from slightly above. I should hopefully be doing my Robot Masters Skywarp and Thundercracker again soon. Clear pictures with all their fun accessories too.

Coming Soon...

Well I have been in contact with the people I am getting my Titanium Starscream from. They have him but they are hanging onto him until Classics Ramjet arrives. I am looking forward to their arrival and when they do come I will have pictures up!.

Also coming soon is a the MP-01 Megatron gun. This is for my MP-03 Starscream toy. I have been wanting this part for a while and was thinking of picking up a while 20th anniversary Prime just to get it. But I stumbled across it and now we are just waiting for delivery.

I think that is all that there is for now, so keep checking back I am sure I will have another update in a few days or so.

Until then,

- Sunstar

Earthdate: February, 12 2007
Subject: Section launch, updates, upgrades, additions and news

Well we are fast approaching that day of Looooove...bah, it's over rated anyway. If you want to express your love, do it now. Don't be a lemming and do it because the stores say now's the time. Do it because you want to and love to.

I will like o post that sometime this week, Wednesday or Thursday night, phpbb (the forum) will be upgraded to the latest version. Hopefully there will be no problems with that.

In the Thunderscream Files

The Thunderscream Files

Yes, a new title for a whole new section. Thunderscream, the fellow who helped me with Starscream Generations has given me the green light to include his well written reviews on my website. Just a note that some of the toys he reviews, Sunstar does not have. I will also note that the reviews expressed on that do not necessarily reflect that of Sunstar or Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary.

This section will only be updated when Thunderscream has a new review to send me. As he is a very busy person, updates will be whenever he has something to say. Unfortunately I will not be making an SHTML version of this section. I will let you know if I do, it's a lot of work.

In Starscream Generations

Hours of maddening coding and finally it is ready; Starscream Generations. The old one basically grew too big for its britches, so I have broken it into individual pages. I hope there are no errors. If you do find them, discrepancies ...etc, please contact me. I will be leaving the old Starscream Generations page up. But I will not be updating that one; however, unlike the Thunderscream files, I will be updating the old large Starscream Generations SHTML file. This is to reduce broken links, something I abhor.

In Fan Art

Starscream in the ruins...for in darkness I was walking... a long time ago I did a Photo "comic" on a song I had by Uriah Heap. I cannot help but think of this when I look at this particular drawing.

It is based upon something that occurred in an RP with Starscream showing some regrets to things he had done in his past. I think it came out fairly well. I hope that you may also enjoy it. Just remember, war is not glorious. It is death and destruction.

In Toys and Games

I have been adding more of my comic collection to my Comics cover pages. So far, I have not been out to pick up the comics that are surly waiting for me back at the store. This is because of the majority cold weather. I have, however, included my issues of the first two G1 series by Dreamwave. They are not complete at the moment, sorry to say, but I have only two I need from the first and War and Peace volumes. I might get around to writing a small synopsis of this. I might. Do not hold your breaths.

In the News

Well, more toys and goodies are coming out in the near future. There are hummings of Titanium Skywarp. I am uncertain if that is just the 3 inch repaint of Starscream or the 6 inch War Within one. I hope for both because I really would like both.

Also coming, at least proposed for December of this year is new Transformers Busts. Starscream is one of them in a real nice pose. It is figured that these are about 6 - 10 inches tall. likely expensive but I am looking forward to them.

Transformer Monopoly! There are whisperings of a transformers Monopoly style game coming out this year... so much stuff, so little money. This would be quite cool to get, sure beats the Oakville Monopoly game I have.

So I think that sums it up for now, so until later...

- Sunstar

Earthdate: February, 05 2007
Subject: Skywarp's Here!

Well today was a nice day; I got my parcel I was waiting for. I shall go into detail with it in Toys and Games. I hope to get out sometime this week to pick up the comics but with - 11 to - 18c'll depend on how desperate I am. Also I hope to pick up a lazy Susan from Ikea, another project.

I have also spoken to Thunderscream about including his reviews onto my site. So when I have that sorted out and set up, I will let everyone know. Also in the works is a reformat of Starscream Generations. It is on the site, in its beta mode but not hooked up.

In Toys and Games

Unfortunately due to the fact these two came together in the same box; I am pleased to announced the addition of Classics Skywarp and Classics Ultra Magnus To my collections in Friends of Starscream and Prisoners of Starscream. I Thank Thunderscream for snaring this package for me. I will say, you need wire cutters to clip the wires off as it is absolutely loaded with ties.

Just a note on these two toys. Skywarp is amazingly beautiful. The painted face makes all the difference between him and Starscream. I feel Classics Skywarp is a treat to have. As for Ultra Magnus, aside of one or two minicons and a few other insignificant pieces, Ultra Magnus is a wonderful transformer as well. I am not big on Autobots, but he is pretty impressive. I am glad I have him and part of me hopes for....a trailer...

In Fan Art

Oh, with valentines day coming up, I felt the need for sap. These two comics, which, in a twist of fate, became creatively linked. I will not go into details, but start with The Touch first and then follow it with Love Me!

So that is about it in a nut shell. All I need to wait for is the Titanium Starscream and the Classics Ramjet to arrive, soon, hopefully soon.

Until then,

- Sunstar