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Earthdate: July, 29 2007
Subject: Finally a new optical Mouse!

I had actually written a journal entry about 20 days ago. Some of it included my thoughts on the movie, and several other things. However, due to the terrible nature of my mouse situation, I just could not get to coding it due to the problems the ball mouse was giving me.

I have been updating my webiste, but again, I have not posted the new stuff in the side bars or the news section. I apologise to those who frequent this site and wonder what has happened.

So lots of things will be going onto the site in the next week or so, this includes some new toys, new section, movie promotional items and the like. Also notes of upcoming Starscream figures to wet your appetite or even horrify you.

First of all I will touch on what I thought of the Transformers Movie, which I did see on July 9th...

The Transformer Movie

I will try to say my thing without dropping too many spoilers. If you do not wish for spoilers, continue on to the "Movie Vault" for the new Starscream figure!

I saw the movie July 9th. Matinee so there were about 15 people in the theatre with me. That's the way I like it. I despise crowds. In general the movie was fun but for me to say I loved it...naw, I didn't love it. I only enjoyed it.

It had fun CG effects, action and great humour but that is it. I am not saying this because it is not G1. In many respects it is much like G1. I just have to be wowed more than I was. So far, nothing has given me fangasms as much as LOTR the Return of the King-that was awesome.

It was like G1 in that it had some odd humour and had the plot holes you could drive a semi through. I found the transformers movie a bit disjointed and hard to follow. Particularly during the big battle scene where everyone looked alike and it was tough to tell who was who.

I found the method of filming the movie a bit unpleasant. Not sure what it is called... shaky cam perhaps. I found it a bit difficult to figure out what was going on because the cam was moving all around. This made it tough to figure out who was who.

There was a bit too much human element in it. I do not like romance...well sappy romance. I recalled myself icking at one spot in the movie. LOTR has romance in it, but it does not seem to be the main story behind it and I could ignore it.

I found it interesting with the Decepticon subtitles in the movie but I actually missed what Starscream said. It was too much going on. Despite his Monkey Scream appearance, and yes I still say that he does look a bit ape like...and pigeon like...His moves were pretty slick and his aerial fighting also slick. I am disappointed he played such a minor role...I would have enjoyed more of his fighting.

It was hilarious at times and I will say I did enjoy the humour but it had issues.


Transformer like characters
Special Effects


Poor character development.
Not enough Big fragging robots
Human Element
Plot Holes
Badly filmed (shaky cam)
Not enough Starscream
Difficulty in figuring out who was who in battle

I will get this on DVD, but I will not see it again in theatre. I will not say it sucked-that's not me, but I did feel it could have been much MUCH better. It was what I expected.

Its a good movie and I recommend anyone seeing it at least once.

In the Thunderscream Files

Newly Added is a review of Movie Real Gear Spyshot 6, by Thunderscream. Again this is a nicely written review. I look forward to move toy reviews by Thunderscream in the near future.

In the Movie Vault

Starscream ...Movie Starscream... he is an interesting figure if I can say anything truly positive about it. However, when I look at it it does not strike me as Starscream. Lets see... Machine Wars Starscream is named Bob... BW2 Starscream is called...Harry....Shall we name Movie Starscream Bill? A downside to this figure is that he has six hair trigger missiles. If you do not want to lose them, watch where they go.

I will be adding the small odd lunchables Starscream pocket transformer thing to the Movie Vault. I picked this up on E-bay because for some reason we do not get lunchables here in Canada. Actually, we do not get much of anything In Canada. Transformers movie stuff is few and far between and I have only seen a few odd bits and pieces. Some of these things are things like the plushy Optimus and Bumblebee toys...please... I want a Starscream plushy.. .Please!!! I would get two!!! I have also seem a small selection of Tee-shirts, both Movie and G1 related. Movie Lunch bags, however its is disappointing that all they have are Autobot things. I really really would like to get some of these things in a Decepticon theme.

Also I have plans on making the Movie Vault a section on its own right. This will include my Starscream figures and other Movie related toys, promotional items and "consumable" items.

These things that will be added are Movie party things and an all spark cube thing. It's a toy or some nature.

In Upcoming Stuff

Starscream figures are coming out of the wazoo. I am not sure I can possibly keep up or not. Most likely I will be slagged for this. There are still many figures and Starscream related items I have to get and I may not be able to get them until much later. It is, quite frankly, not feasible for me to get each and every thing, therefore I must attempt to keep my focus on primary targets.

I hope to be landing the G1 Repaint of the Movie Voyager Starscream sometime. It, however, is a target exclusive so it is not available in Canada. Hasbro... STOP WITH THE EXCLUSIVES! I also hope to be landing the G1 repaint of the MP-03 Figure which WILL be a Walmart exclusive.

Coming around Christmas is a G1 Starscream statue (bust) and new pictures have been released of the Transformers "animated" cartoon characters and their toys. Scary enough, Starscream looks like Batman but looks quite cool too. I look forward to that figure as he is very nice.

Coming at some time is the most dreadful thing related to Starscream I have seen. Despite my nature to be a completist for Starscream, I may pass on this. I cannot justify getting a transformer toy that is a shoe with the name Starscream attached to it. It holds little to no interest to me and is simply a marketing gimmick. Although it was fun the first time they released Megatron and Optimus, they are pointless. So that is my stance on the shoeformer.

Also, I may be adding a section to the site that is non transformers. This will be the Warhammer figures I have returned to in the period of time that my mouse was all messed up. I forgot how much fun I used to have painting these figures and I will be getting a section sorted out in due time with pictures of my units and some "story" to fit them into the Warhammer World.

So anyway, this is all I can think of for now, please check back soon for some new additions and fun things!

- Sunstar

Earthdate: July, 2 2007
Subject: The Day You've Been Waiting For

For some the agonising wait is over, for others it continues on. Today is the day the long awaited Transformers Movie is released in theatres. Originally scheduled for July 4th, it got moved down to July 3rd then subsequently July 2nd. This has irritated some movie go-ers as they had booked off July 4th for opening night. July 2nd is an advantage to most of us Canadian folk because for some reason, Canada's day holiday-which is typically the 1st of the month-was shedualed for July 2nd. Sunstar, however, will not be going opening night. No, I plan on waiting several days because I do not much care for crowds and I am patient, I can wait.

There are many Starscream things coming in the future and it has been confirmed that the MP-03 Repaint will be a Hasbro release. Current rumour has it that it will be a Walmart release and sometime in September, so don't quote me on it. There is no current information if this figure will come with the wanted coronation gear. It would be disappointing if it doesn't but it would not turn me off from getting the figure. It could still be a Japanese release if they do decide to add the crown and cape.

It also appears that this repaint will be made in plastic with heavy "battle damage" paint which could improve or unimproved the figure. In any event, this figure will be mine. Oh yes...he shall be mine.

Due to the lack of control with my ball mouse, I have been unable to do my CG art. Disappointing really. However, my creativity will not be squelched. I have many things I can work on even though my mouse is messed up. I have taken to painting my Warhammer Orcs and Goblins army once more and have even joined a campaign over the next month or so. I may at some point add a separate page with my units and models in; however, I would like to fix up their bases. The snow bases I did turned yellow with age. Yellow snow...

Okay and now we get to the GOOD Stuff. I have updated my site with many things over the past couple weeks and I only just got a moment to sit down and write about what has been going on in the Seeker Sanctuary. Starscream...Starscream.. My dearest Starscream....what have they done to you!

In the Movie Vault

I still have yet to get hold of the Voyager Starscream figure, he's out there somewhere but in Wave 2 and I have not yet seen him! Argh!! Anyway, the Burger King Promotion with the Movie toys has started this week in Canada and they have their new toys. The Burger King Starscream toy is a non transforming PVC figure that has a battle damage marker on his chest. It has three positions and when tapped it will flip to the next level of damage.

I will make a note here on some observation, and I will have to watch for this in future figures. It appears that Starscream has six digits on each hand. Not only on this Burger king figure but on the Fast Action Battler as well. It seems that Starscream actually has two thumbs on each hand. It is very odd looking. I was thinking that it was simply a method of making a quicker design, but I am not so sure now. What do you think?

In the Thunderscream Files

I apologise to Thunderscream for taking so long to add his Movie Blackout review. It is a very interesting read and he has put in some interesting points that I did not know about. Read it, you'll want Blackout and Scorponok for yourselves!

More reviews will come when Thunderscream can get to them. Check back again soon!

In Toys and Games

I have added a lot to this page so I am going to spare myself the massive links and simply tell you what has been added lately. Check here

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