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Earthdate: May, 31 2007
Subject: Cartoon Coloured MP Starscream!

Just in currently classed as a rumour but Actoysin Japan has produced images of MP-03 in ANIME COLOURS!!!! . Questions are...will Starscream come with his cape and crown? Lets hope so!

I did say there would be a lull this month and I was right. But that lull will probably drop off shortly as I am getting five "new" figures. There will be a Cybertron Starscream (the small burgundy one) Legends of Cybertron Starscream (Japanese Version with more paint applications) A small plastic BW2 Starscream figure apparently by Kabaya (It's different and very simple) and finally two figures that go together BW2 Starscream and BB.

This should mean I will have most of the current Starscream lines gathered. There are, however, still some very elusive figures that I am looking for.

Coming eventually movie wise, and I tell you the amount of movie Starscream figures is staggering. I feel mixed emotions when I realise that there is no Starscream offered with an item. Mixed as in, thank Primus.. or Awwww, I'd have liked that. What I currently know exists is quite the list.

Barrel roll Blaster (yes I want this!)
Movie Voyager Starscream
Movie Voyager Starscream G1 Colours
Fast Action battlers Starscream
3" Titanium
Movie Legends Starscream
A water bottle with Protoform Starscream on it(I'd like that for my bike)
Movie Robot Heroes
Attacktix Starscream (Movie)
Attacktix Starscream (G1)
Attacktix Starscream (Energon)
G1 Bust of Starscream (December release and on Preorder)

I think that is all I can pull off the top of my head right now. I am sure Caspar will kill me if he realises the magnitude of the wish list. With the new ones arriving I will have a total of 57 Starscream figures.

Check back here for Masterpiece Starscream updates! That is it for now!

- Sunstar

Earthdate: May, 12 2007
Subject: Hey again!

Okay, so I lied... the lull will probably happen after now.

I got a couple more things added to my website. I had a look around Friday at the local stores which sell toys and located Transformers Movie toys at the Sears store, none at the Bay and finally Zellers had the Robot Heroes Toys. So utterly cute! I bought some.

So what do I have in store now?

In Starscream's Shrine

Robot Heroes Starscream, is a new line released with the movie products. He comes in a two pack along with Mirage, presently not photographed but is currently being interrogated by Sideways. These figures are pretty happy-go-lucky looking and adorably cute. Very "chibi" like. Just scroll down a bit and he's under the HOC/SCF figures.

I did say that I was going to eventually get the Decepticons Legends Starscream figure posted as soon as I got photographs. Well, I got photographs and here they are. To be quite frank; there is absolutely no difference between a Decepticon Legends and a Pretender Starscream figure. The only reason I got this particular fellow was because he did have his original card. This way it is sort of proof that he never came with a shell.

In Friends of Starscream

I have reorganised the Friends of Starscream slightly so as to break up the "Other Transformers" Into Universe, Cybertron and Misc. I re-photographed Sideways. He was originally taken on my black cloth and this time I decided to get some various shots of him powered up and standard in both modes and with his wing blade things.

Further down the page, and in here only temporarily, until I can figure out where something like this is best suited, is the odd, funky Megatron Punching Pop. It is hilarious and also rather deranged and some other comments not fit to be spoken upon a PG-13 site.

I suppose what will be happening now is some minor updates, new pics being taken of some of my other toys, ie Autobots, the Robot Heroes Mirage and a few other things. As well as fic updates and some new art...maybe more comics...anyone think I should get the Galvatron Spotlight?

Until the next update,

- Sunstar

Earthdate: May, 10 2007
Subject: More Seeker Goodness

I have several additions to make to this site before we get our first lull of the season. Well who knows if it will be a long lull..I might walk into a store and see the real gear Cell Phone or Transformers Heros Starscream. Two figures I think would like.

I will like to make a note that there will indeed be a Titanium Skywarp in both 6" and 3" sizes. This means I will be on the prowl for these two fellows as soon as their out. I told Caspar this and he looked like it might be time to slag me. Oh well, no biggie there.

So what do I have in store now?

In Starscream's Movie Vault

One new section of my site will be Starscream's Movie Vault. No, this is not movies to watch but movie toys. I felt the need to try to separate the movie stuff from G1 and other lines as it is radically different.

I have picked up the Movie Preview Protoform Starscream, talk about a mouthful. I am not sure if I like it or not. I think I do... Regardless of how I feel about it, it is a neat figure and once I solved the mystery of how to drop the head down, it was easy to transform. I will say that the robot mode of this figure has more similarities to the original character than the F-22 Raptor one. I do not have that yet.

It seems there are oodles of toys to come out including G1 colours for this figure. I will see what I can get hold of. Check this site later for my obituary. I am pretty sure I will be murdered by Caspar. *grin*

In Friends of Starscream

From the labs of Shockwave, comes Sunstorm. The insane cloned brother of Starscream. His unstable mind is filled with notions of grandeur as he spouts off in a nonsensical manner about Primus, the light and whatever that was hidden under the ocean. Something we never found out about because Dreamwave went belly up. The titanium figure is sweet looking, albeit, rather bright; I think he's smashing. I really love that particular Titanium Figure design, I am looking forward to Skywarp.

In Fan Art

There are a few things here which have been added. we will start with the Thunderstruck Comic Adaptation. We have added Pages5 and 6 to the site and now I am taking a break. I would like to continue with the rest of the fic; however, I would have to some mean summerising in order to make the work load easier on me. We have come to the end of Chapter 1: Rest Assured. Enjoy.

And added are two "Photo Comics: Admonished and The Movie Pitch.

In Fan Fictions

Although this is in need of a major edit, I have, for now, posted Antilla Chapter 5: Greetings. Anyone who wishes to assist with editing, please contact me.

I think that is all for now. I do have to get that Decepticon Legends Starscream posted and this insane looking Megatron lolly pop holder thing that I have acquired. It is hilarious. Too bad his head does not spin around like something out of the exorcist. I could see it now... Starscream's ghost Possesses Megatron and his head spins.

Anyway, that covers it. Happy huntings!

- Sunstar

Earthdate: May, 03 2007
Subject: Quick Update

I will do a quick update here. I just received my animation Cell and I have added a new gallery to my site for prints and things of this nature.

In Starscream's Shrine

I do not have pictures of it yet, But I do have my Decepticon Legends Starscream already. This was WAY faster than I had imagined possible. I will get scans of the card that he came on, and post pics of him with the card. He looks identical to the Pretender Starscream figure.

I did say that I would post the images of G2 Starscream as soon as I had him with all his bits. Well most of his bits. There is one part yet to get but that's not a problem at this point. He's a very cool looking toy now. His light and sounds work wonderfully so I am one happy Seeker.

Also, I have added the funky little vending machine toy in the shrine this evening. It's vibrant green, was very tight to snap together and it was the first time anyone has ever played with it. It had been sealed in its ball for about 23 years or since 1984. It came from japan and, well, I haven't seen one of these before. They sort of "transform"

In the Gallery

I am putting up a new section of my website. I will post any new art or animation cells I purchase. This stuff is not art done by me or done as a commission for me. What I am proud to display in here thus far, is some work by Talented artists, Alex Milne and Matt Moylan. But what really excutes me is the BW2 Animation cell that I recently obtained. Check it out!

In Comics

I picked up my two comic books Movie Prequel #4 and the Transformers Escalation #6. Very good to both of them. Movie Starscream so far seems to have a good personality. While in Escalation, we do not see Starscream yet, we do find that Ore 13 has a weakness.

And that is it for now. I am currently very exhausted, sick with a cold I probably picked up at the convention.

- Sunstar