Fan Art

SoV:In My Dreams Colours by: Sunstar

In my Dreams

Artist's Note

Late 2003 and early 2004 I wrote the fan fic Seeker of Vengeance. It probably could use some going over again and I really should finish the chapter rewrites I had in mind for the first five chapters. many things on the go and all.

I have been incredibly off coloured as of late due to various factors and I decided to take a break because this, has been nagging me. Hopefully in a few days I will have patience to return to my previous commitments.

I have had a strong desire to do a celestialscape and I have also had a desire to do something for my fan fic Seeker of Vengeance. So what's better than combining the two by using a scene from the fic itself. The scape is a bit cliche, but I love it.

This is a dream of Starscream's. He had been near fatally injured and was under intensive repair. It comes from chapter 11, the Light and the Darkness. The following is the inspiration.

He sank back in to the murky ocean depths. Only this time it was different, his lovely black ocean formed a dark blue ball in the middle, surrounded by millions of tiny pinpoints of light that flickered and winked at him. As he drew nearer to the sphere, he could see that it sported splashes of green and light blue and white, the colours formed shapes like land masses. He found this very interesting. He soared to the jewel like globe. He was drawn closer, as if pulled by gravity and entered the atmosphere of the planet. He flew through white clouds and dove to the brilliant blue waters of an alien ocean. The world was strange, yet familiar and primitive.

He landed on a white sandy beach. There he stood for a moment, looking at the horizon. The magically turquoise waters touched with the deep blue-black of the celestial blanket. In the sky, glimmered a very bright white star.

He stepped into the ocean. It lapped gently at his feet. The water was pleasantly cool; he waded out into the sea until it went to his knees. He halted and glanced down at the water. The water slowed its motion and stopped. It reflected the light of the star that shone brilliantly over his wing and shoulder; he could see himself reflected in the mirror-like surface. He touched his face, with the tips of his azure fingers. He crouched, studying his refection. He looked deep into his own glowing red optics, for a moment he remembered, he wondered, was he dead? Is this limbo? Was this Heaven, Hell, Valhalla or Summerland? Many more names for the afterlife darted across his mind.

Starscream is sketched on printer paper, scanned and "inked" in Photoshop. The rest is done in Photshop.