Fan Art

All Hail Starscream By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

All hail the King of Seekers, the Lord of the Skies, the Leader of the Decepticons and Emperor of Cybertron. Bow before Starscream, ruler of all.

Perhaps that is too, how can I say, over written? But the die hard fans of Starscream can wish.

This was created in answer to the, current release of the Reign of Starscream comics, from IDW, the release of the Starscream coronation bust, and the Starscream coronation gear for MP-03/

This was done in Photoshop using an HOC toy that I had handy, as well as other art work I had laying around merged together in a Propaganda style poster format. This also came about as a result of the All hail Megatron comics that are being released, also by IDW.

So once again fans of Starscream.

All hail Starscream. Long live Starscream!!

Please link to me if you choose to take this image thanks.