Fan Art

The Hand of Fate By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

Chapter 11 The Light and The Darkness

Time floated by or perhaps it did not. He could not tell. It seemed like an instant between awakenings. But time seemed to go by, speedily yet endlessly into the timeless limbo. There was nothing here, in the black void of nothingness, just the slosh of warm black water, on his back and the warmth of a black sun shining darkly in a black cloudless sky. Again there was a glimmer, a spark of scintillating light in the emptiness that surrounded him. He hesitated, not wanting to leave the black warmth. He remembered the agonising light. Yet something compelled him, the light was too tempting, it glowed, it called to him. He desired it. Once more he reached up, watching, as his unseen hand closed around it.

Sketched and Scaned then coloured in Photostudio. The Spark was added in Photoshop.

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