Fan Art

Run By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

Chapter 10 The Conflict of Interests

His mind went suddenly numb. All thought processes ceased for a moment. Terror coursed through him like an Arctic wind on a hot summer's day. He stopped dead in his tracks for a moment, his electric pulse froze then quickened and the hammering in his chest was almost deafening. 'Run,' Came a disembodied thought. He shook his head to try to clear the angst from his mind; he bolted and continued to run from his pursuers.

This Image is more or less a work in progress. Sketched by hand and coloured in both Photo Studio and Photoshop. I am just learning Photoshop.

The Background used for this image is a real sunset taken from my balcony one evening.

Please link to me if you choose to take this image thanks.