Fan Art

Pyromaniac By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

Fire is beautiful, warm, inviting, useful. But as pretty as it is; fire, can be extremely destructive, harmful and bring devastation upon those who mess with it. Phoenix is a very beautiful bird from Egyptian mythologies, that will consume itself by fire and resurrect from the ashes.

Phoenix, much like the flame, is not only very beautiful, but also very dangerous. She wields the flame thrower and will turn all those that oppose her to ashes. Although she can easily do this quickly she prefers a long lingering torture of her victims.

To understand her is to get close to her, and very few have been close long enough to learn. When the flame thrower is out of reach, she can ignite the world with a simple mental command. Of those who have witnessed Phoenix at work with fire, only few live to tell the tale and those that do, love her for it.

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