Fan Art

Totally Mine! By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

"It's mine you know, totally mine!" Starscream crows.

Starscream stood before his window hours after the coronation party. He was feeling smug as he surveyed all that lay before him. It was his, all of it. Cybertron finally belonged to him. He was its rightful ruler; finally. No greater joy filled his spark than to know that he had succeeded.

What Starscream does not realise is the amount of sacrifices he will have to make in order to keep the crown within his home. Little does he know that with such power comes great responsibility that he cannot simply walk away from.

The stars are very beautiful-above the Palace walls,
They shine with equal splendor-still above far humbler halls.
I watch them from my window, but their bright entrancing glow,
Reminds me of the freedom I gave up so long ago.
- Mercedes Lackey Burden of the crown

The original is a rather large image, about twice this size, but this is my RP Starscream... AFTER his coronation, actually several months. Yeah, in my universe he survives and lives happily ever after. He honestly needs a break from getting killed when he nears his desired goal.

This is sketched, then traced onto tracing paper, I felt like giving that a shot once. I tried to do Perspective... but well I suck like, big time with Perspective. I think if someone sat down with me and really took the time to give me art 101 lessons I might draw better.

The hardest part about this image was the crown, it used an obscene amount of layers and I was trying to get that sort of look of gold. Non metallic metals I think they would call that if it was painting a model.

There should be a law against using the Star brush to denote shine, but I think that might end up being my style, you know sort of like... the way people put glow around their characters or a thick stroke.

I won't explain what I was really trying to achieve with this picture, but I will explain a few things. First of all drapes. I like drapes and I like rich purple drapes, or deep red ones. If I have a window in my drawing, it's gonna have drapes. Unless of course its in the control room, or a brig, or out side of private quarters. I sort of like to think of Emperor Starscream's home being rather lavish, you know with stereotypical things that one might fine in a kings house. Whether or not a transformer needs stuff like that is neither here nor there for me, I like to have a little fun..

The purple fabric on the window sill is his coronation cape. His shoulder pads are not in the picture, but they're actually on the coffee table, along with the energon goodies and super high grade energon. Actually it is beside a bowl of energon cherries, he loves energon cherries. Decorating with his cape is not normal for him, what he did was take it out just for this pic.

And of course his crown. Yup, he's all set.

I had to reduce it about half its original size so it appears slightly darker and the details might be a bit...light.

Please link to me if you choose to take this image thanks.