Fan Art

Cumulonimbus By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

Cumulonimbus is a fan character who was made mainly for RP purposes, However I use him also in the Seibertron game HMW.

He was sketched and scanned but I did alot of editing of the actual drawing on the computer. I tend to like to experement. He is a Hybrid between Generation 1 and Cybertron Seekers. Cumulonimbus existed Before the Decepticons awoke on earth and he basically has been long since dead.

He is an extreamly violent character who was rather insane.

Its not 100% but I am practicing with perspective and whatnot. I realise there are some errors still, but I am improving.

The Story behind Cumulonimbus

Cumulonimbus was the first Seeker ever to be created. He, along with nine others formed the start of the Seeker race that was to rise in number drastically over the first few million years. Cumulonimbus became leader of his group for many factors: One being that he was extraordinarily intelligent, two being that he was the first Seeker sparked and three because his colours were considered regal and beautiful.

Cumulonimbus lead the early Seekers with unparalleled charisma and skill long before the war started. He spoke eloquently and elegantly, coaxing more and more to his banner. He declared himself to be king of Seekers and no one contested this claim. But as he rose in popularity and power, Cybertron's authorities began to turn a wary optic to him.

Because he was the first Seeker created, his creator, a mech whose name was wiped from every record, gave him the power to run and oversee the factory that created his kind. Cumulonimbus wasted little time in murdering his creator and constructing several large factories that were overseen by his firstmates.

Having a lot of enthusiasm for the potential of Seekers, Cumulonimbus decide to run an experiment in his factories to find out if a Seeker can be sparked without the intervention of Vector Sigma and if a Seeker sparked from two other Seekers could survive on his or her own without prior programming.

At first, Cumulonimbus, seemed to care a great deal for his kind and everyone followed him without question, but after a while things started to change. Being the king of his race was not enough for Cumulonimbus, he wanted it all. However, he was aware of the intense scrutiny and the numbers of guardian robots that stayed near his factories.

He became paranoid that the guardian robots would deter other Seekers from joining his cause and started a secret program that was at first supported by his firstmates. Cumulonimbus took his powerchip and created the first matter duplicator to replicate portions of it. He made a simple chip in experiment but installed a program that should he require the Seeker who owned it, he could call upon them with a secret word that would activate a sub program and his secret army would come forth and go to war for him.

Through word of mouth it became rumoured that Cumulonimbus was the Seeker that was responsible for the deaths of more than a hundred females and the deaths of the four female first Seekers. He abruptly found it hard to find partners for his sparking program so he decided he would levy a fine reward for those who would contribute a part of them.

For the most part he sparked without harm to the donors, they left as soon as they gave the shell their part and before the new Seeker's colours showed. But on occasion he found it even more fun if he brutalised the spark donor and then he continued to kill them despite himself.

Cumulonimbus' attacks became known to more and more people and the name "Tyrant of Cybertron" and "The Tyrant" became synonymous with him. Those who had yellow, or other coloured wing stripes, that were not grey or red, were looked upon with intense suspicion and fear. Even those who were not showing any form of negative attitude were given little respect or power for fear of them taking hold of it and going out of control.

Cumulonimbus continued to build his army but he slowed the process down a little and had them slowly filter into the academy one by one over years so as to attract less notice. He was satisfied that he had finally amassed a large enough personal army and he knew that he could count on his offsparks to produce more and they would join him by bondlines, or if there was some reason he could not continue on with his plan that they would instinctively activate a sub program and start the building process over again.

He continued to work his plan in secret. Cumulonimbus did join the Decepticon army and by force of will; murdered his way to the rank of seven where he finally stagnated. He was given duties as a sector monitor near the Autobot held city of Iacon. However, his son Skywarp made better progress. Skywarp managed to work his way into Megatron's elite force by being very loyal and following orders without question and rarely ever a complaint.

Cumulonimbus attempted to get into Megatron's elite force by applying on a number of occasions for Air Commander. However, unlike Skywarp, his past history for being extremely dangerous kept him out of the elite force. Despite his personal failure to become the Air Commander, he held the hope that Skywarp would one day get that opportunity and get close enough to Megatron to finally assassinate him.

The Air Commander position opened up once more and three Decepticons filed their claim, Skywarp who was at the time rank of four, Cumulonimbus who was still at seven and Starscream who was rank of seven as well. He was enraged when the young Starscream was given the position. He felt that his record, age and the fact he was one of the original nine should have earned him the right to take such a prestigious position.

While being stationed on one of Cybertron's moon, Cumulonimbus found out from some inside source that Megatron and Starscream had vacated the planet and Shockwave was left in control. He also had word from that source that the Nemesis was lost, presumed destroyed. Megatron, Starscream and everyone aboard was assumed dead. He was elated.

Finally he felt that everything he had planned for would come together. Across the radio and telepathic frequencies, Cumulonimbus sent out his secret word. The Seekers who he had sparked stopped what they were doing and flocked to a designated meeting place. But it did not go according to plan.

He rallied his people and told them that the time for change had arrived and that Seekers would take their rightful place as rulers of Cybertron. He was unaware that Shockwave had dispatched a team of assassins into his midst. He looked up and spotted a seeker who he thought was his son, Skywarp. Delighted to see that his son was doing okay, he opened up his arms and welcomed him home.

But it was not until the last microsecond that he realised the deception, the Seeker he took for his son was an identical copy, a clone. He felt the pain of bullets being unloaded into his body and he collapsed and fell to the ground.

Pandaemonium started as the rally tried to escape. They were greeted by a force of Shockwave's warriors who dropped bombs on the site and destroyed hundreds of Seekers. A few survived, those who did were either reprogrammed or executed.

As for Cumulonimbus, he somehow managed to escape, it is uncertain if he died and took host of one of the panic struck Seekers or if he crawled away in time. But after four million years, he has returned to try to take his place as ruler of the Seekers.

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