Fan Art

I was Ambushed By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

Every time a warrior goes into battle, he faces the chance that he may never return from it. For Decepticons this is an accepted fact. It is seen as the ultimate way to go; going down in a blaze of glory. This is a fantasy, there is never glory in war; only death, destruction, pain and loss.

Other times a warrior may go into battle and return wounded and bleeding. For Starscream, it was not his day of glory, but his day of suffering. A mission that had worked out surprisingly well, ended with him being attacked by a new Earth weapon that was designed to penetrate very tough armour: Tridian bullets, fluted like drill bits, that spiral at high speed and drill through the target like a hot knife through butter.

For a Seeker there is no worse pain than to lose a wing. The very thing that makes them stand above all other transformers is their graceful symmetry and proud wings.

Sketched and scanned then coloured in Photoshop. I got a "new" Hard drive installed so I have 37Gig of space as opposed to 300mb. Big difference. I am starting to really enjoy Photoshop, oh yes, I really am.

Just a note: the painting on the wall is "Decepticon Empire" that I had hand painted in acrylics a few months back. I thought it would be a nice touch to it since the story behind this relates to the RP. The Painting is of Phoenix, Starscream's wife, and their Leopard cassetticon pet, Sentinel.

Please link to me if you choose to take this image thanks.