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Seekerverse By: Sunstar

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Off the Ball: Clean Getaway

I will confuse the issue, but for now, I have about two more strips that go along with this one in the works. So the run's title is Off the ball.

This one is called "Clean Getaway"

After working for the task master of a shop keeper, Lord Starscream, King of Seekers and Emperor of Cybertron... managed to get back to base. (The base being the Nemesis, which was transported to Cybertron, along with a great deal of seabed, ocean and the tiny population of human experiments...through a super spacebridge. ) Obviously his loyal troops have been hard at work.

Thanks to Goribus for some valuable input.

Artist's Note

Seekerverse is the name of comics drawn and coloured by Sunstar. However, these Seekerverse mini strips are designed to be quickly drawn and coloured. Unlike her Thunderstruck comics. These strips are based upon the Seekerverse RPG which has been going on in the background for a number of years. These comics are best viewed as fun and not glued to any part of any cannon. In other words, they are not to be taken seriously.

Also This is drawn in a style that is not my norm.

I do hope you enjoy it.

- Sunstar