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Sunstar Jet Repaint By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

Sunstar has been my screen name for a good few years now. My character has gone through a number of changes until I have finally settled on a colour scheme that I feel is her own.

This repaint was based on a Generation two Starscream. Generation two has a Purple Canopy which was ideal for Sunstar as through RP her canopy was replaced from the standard Seeker amber to the amethyst.

The Starscream body was incomplete so I am on a search for parts. I have used Thundercracker and Skywarp parts in order to get her into a complete jet mode. Parts for later date will be fists, weapons and missiles. I will likely get her a spare left fist and create a hand holding a crossbow for her.

I took the jet completely to bits. I am not sure if there is an easier way to do this, but I had to carefully separate the intakes of the torso enough so I could loosen the pin and slip the nose out. I took the metal body and used my dremel to try to get the original paint off. This technique unfortunately left her a bit rough and I was unable to smooth the body out very well.

I used a white primer to spray over all the parts, inside and out and then used model spray paint to do the body painting. I used about three thin layers per surface and allowed them to dry in between about two hours each layer. This I allowed to dry about twelve of so hours and then did the underside.

Once the model was dry I put it back together, careful not to scratch the new paint. The only problem I had was her vertical tail fins. The hole in them was strangely too small for the peg for the horizontal stabiliser. I measured the thickness of the peg and chose a drill bit of the same size and, by hand, reamed the hole in the Vertical stabiliser out. She fits together nicely.

More Photo's With Stickers added from Reprolables

Jet Mode.

Robot Mode

Stickers made in her colours by Reprolabels.

A brief bio on Sunstar:

Sunstar is the half sister to Skywarp sharing the teleporter ability as well as a bit of random telekinesis. She is generally speaking, very chipper, but she does not let on her real thoughts and feelings. She is very loyal to the Decepticon cause and is rather humble. She has no qualms about doing heavy work as she is built like any other Seeker. Sunstar works in the Nemesis base pumprooms or works in the repair bay as a field medic.

Her favourite weapon is the crossbow, which she can use with good accuracy. But she also has standard Seeker machine guns, rockets and a score of other weapons and defences.

Her motto is: "Pain is a weakness, use it to your advantage."

Please link to me if you choose to take this image thanks.