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Skywarp By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

I have experienced a fairly bad creative block in the past couple months, so my deviantart submissions have been not as often as I would like. Anyway, I kept trying to draw him, and had to put it down several times, erasing and starting over. I was getting frustrated until finally, I was able to get the rough sketch out that I liked. I spent a good couple of weeks painting it in my evenings, while watching 7 days and mash. Realising that I had absentmindedly washed my brush into my coffee. No matter where I put my coffee mug, my brush ended up into it.

Skywarp, here, proved to be a bit more of a challenge than I had thought. As I often paint miniatures, not recently mind you, I have a strong dislike for painting things in black or white. It takes a certain skill to paint things black or white and make it look good. I have yet to grasp the concept as well as I would like. Skywarp's portrait is mostly black and white. Had I done something the size of my Starscream painting, I might have been able to get to use some purples, more orange...

So, Skywarp here has a teasing smile. I fear the artist will be the brunt of one of his jokes soon. Oh wait... I get it. He was the reason why my brush always ended up in the coffee.

9 x 12 artists canvas board painted in acrylics.

A lot of time and coffee went into this.

Please link to me if you choose to take this image thanks.