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Sunstar Lines By: Equanimity505 Colours By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

I was wanting to try and CG colour a sketch I have in my sketch book, but since my scanner was non operational at the time and my need to colour something so great, I decided to colour this sketch. It was done by Equanimity505 some time ago. I chose to colour it as my own personal Avatar Sunstar.

I did alter the image slightly, first off, I haven't done the alternative mode for her. I will sometime since I would like to to a MTMTE bio page. Second of all I felt the need to omit the tail.

I used several multiply, overlay, colour dodge and other layers to colour in the image. Actually each colour has about 5 - 7 layers each. I am most impressed with the purples in this. Something almost jewel like about it.

The background is something I put together fairly quickly.

I will like to say I have been inspired by several artists I have encountered on the net. Each of these artists have a style that I have tried to explore as I progressed. Although I am not a wonderful sketcher, I might be okay as a colourist.

The Artists who have had a major impact on my desire to work on my artistic skills are:

Wayward Martian

After nearly two years of attempting CG work I am finally starting to get to where I want to be.

Now all I need to do is do some more sketches and see if I can make them look this good in colour.

Thanks to everyone and thier support

Please link to me if you choose to take this image thanks.