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Wyvern By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

Chapter 6 Any Doubts?

The animal reared and brought its forelegs high into the air. It beat its wings to help stabilise itself in the bipedal position. It snapped his head back and started to bring its feet down. Its eyes looked at Starscream as if he were a minor irritation: an insect. It bellowed a challenge.

Starscream being a large and quite powerful decepticon needs to find such a creature frightening. One way around this I found is a Wyvern is a lye spitting creature. If you know anything about lye you will know it disolves aluminium. Many Jets are made of aluminium. I am not saying Starscream is made out of such soft material but he might be made of a similar yet tough light weight metal, one that might be at risk to lye. That's why he finds it scary. I consider this Creatures pose more of the head while its rearing, head drawn back ready to whip down and strike at the Seeker with its caustic spit.

Please link to me if you choose to take this image thanks.