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Happy New Year 2006! By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

Happy New Year!

I realised almost too late that I had not done the New Years Card I had planned on doing.

I made the set they are standing on, its foam core card, based with bits and pieces of junk that look interesting. Some of the pieces are bricks from Castle stone moulds, some bits are from a styrofoam soup bowl lid.

What you cannot see, and you likely will in future cards and things are, A huge scrap pile created form parts of 3.5 inch diskettes, small co2 canisters, corrogated card board, CPU fan, sand, grave, sewing machine spindle, soda straws... and so much more. Terrain making is one of my favourite past times and this is part of a much larger Cybertron set I am working on. The actual pit is created from pink foam insulation beads, plaster and Games-Workshop zombie bits that poke up out of the molten metal.

The energon cubes are created from using white vinyl erasers that were cut into cube sizes. They look a little odd, but hey, that's okay

So it has been edited in Photoshop and I had a bit of fun doing this.

Thundercracker just cannot handle energon...

So instead of hanging around Starscream's castle, they went to the smelting pits for their party. Smelting pits might not be a good place to party around because someone might fall in...and it appears someone has... It might be a squishy holiday, but any reason to party is a good reason...

Photograph with some Photoshop involved.