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Artist's Note

Happy Valentines Day

I have been sitting here for weeks on end looking at my Starscream bust thinking, thinking... Primus I should not be allowed to think like this.

So Happy Valentines day, okay, a little early but I have been sitting on this one for half a month and I am itching to get it out. The actual heart is from one of those heart shaped smartie boxes. Really cheaply made mind you. I altered it so it looked more like I was originally looking for.

I can be a very sappy and silly fan girl when it comes to Starscream and I been sitting here looking at my Hard Hero bust for a while and thinking, if I put a heart shaped box in that... Valentines! And Starscream looks at me with baleful red optics. I know what he's thinking and if he could, he'd step on me. Anyway, I had a lot of fun messing around with this. I love his expression for this, something rather... impish.

I will say this once but... Starscream is Love

A photograph that has been messed around with in Photoshop. Lots of fun to do.