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Allegiance: Decepticon
Website: Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary
Website Motto:A safe haven for Seekers
Channels:Austnet #Decepticons, Efnet #Seekers
Function: To provide the loyal Decepticons with a guideline to a long life and a nice place to rest.
Channel Motto: Decepticons or Decepticon sympathisers only; eat peanuts, drink energon, laugh insanely. Be a Decepticon! Slag the Autobots!
Updated: August 07 2005

Austnet's #Decepticons is a RESTRICTED CHATROOM. Please contact Either the Commander or Sub Commander for permission to enter. If you are a registered member please identify before you enter. Efnet's #Seekers is an open room. Rules apply for both channels.

Chatroom Members:

Decepticon Elite: Levels 190 - 200

Commander Starscream- or Screamer- 200
Sub Commander Skywarp, Skywarp- or Phoenix 199
Second Leiutenent Thundercracker 194

These three are the Decepticons who make the rules, change them, bend them, etc.... They are Decepticons at heart. They can kick or exile you for whatever reason they see fit and they don't need to explain themselves.

Decepticon Subordinates: Levels 50 - 99

Guardian Sunstorm 50

These are the Decepticons who guard the chatroom. They are able to kick unpleasent users. However the Subordinates are at the whim of Starscream and Skywarp. Don't give them any reason to boot you.

Decepticon Sympathisers: Levels 25 - 49

Member Caspar_s 25
Member Blacarac 25

These are the Decepticons who cannot do much of anything. They are at the complete whim of everyone above. This, however, does not make them the punching bags of the channel.

Laws For Our channel:

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ! Ignorance of the rules won't spare you from a swift death; you just might get a slow painful one instead. (Will be changed as the channel Commanders see fit.) We did not want to do this but as we are getting a few more visitors we better lay down the foundation of our empire for all to see. And remember... we don't have to explaine ourselves.

- Absolutely no slash, I mean, any slash, particularly Skywarp, Thundercracker or Starscream slash. Slash is bad... M-kay. We are talking a major #1 offense here. You'll get a warning and if you continue, I'll let Skywarp slag you since I am nice, too nice. I don't want it to appear that we are not having freedom of speech, but certain topics are found to be highly offensive and slash is one of them.
- There will be Absolutly NO LEET in either channel.
- Avoid: age, sex, location questions it can be taken as rude and annoying. (ASL)
- Keep discussion civil and productive: ie, plans to overthrow the universe, slagging Autobots or the latest location of a superior power sources are perfectly fine.
- No personal flames.
- Do NOT harass or attack other users. Such infractions will not be tolerated.
- Do not behave inappropriately. This includes excessive cursing or racist/sexist behaviour. Channel ops will decide what constitutes excessive cursing or generally inappropriate behaviour.
- Decepticons must make it clear that they DO know the meaning of the word "Mercy" but choose NOT to show any.
- If you are a diehard Autobot fan and hate Decepticons, keep your mouth sealed or you will die as soon as we find out.
- Somewhere along the line try to read the or Efnet rules
- Avoid political, sexual or religious topics.
- Do not flood the channel with multiple lines of text such as a complete article from a website, repeated nick changes, all caps text, or ASCII art. In general, do not copy and paste large blocks of content from other programs, such as web browsers. Provide links when possible. (this is a loose rule but use your head before you paste.)
- Do not advertise products.
- Don't repeat yourself excessively. If no one answered your question, it's likely that no one knows the answer or gives a retro rats rear about it.
- Do not use excessive capitalisation. It's considered shouting and therefore rude. I've made this point twice!!!
- Do not post links to pornographic websites, slash websites, warez websites or other maligned or malicious sites. To do so will likely invoke a temporary blast from Starscream's null rays and you could be exiled for an undetermined amount of time.
- Decepticon classified information is strictly on a need to know bases. If you are not cleared, then you don't need to know.
- No clones without clearing with ops.
- Respect the channel ops. If they request you to stop doing something, listen. Channel ops may kick or exile you for being annoying or obnoxious. Again channel ops will decide what constitutes as annoying or obnoxious behaviour.
- NEVER tell your Commander you have nothing to do.
- An infringement of the rules can result in a kick, and a second infringement can result in another kick or a 24 hour exile if an op sees it later that day or even that week should they not be in the mood for it. This is our attempt to make our policy on kicks and exiles extremely clear, since some people don't seem to take it seriously enough. Our rules are relatively simple, follow them or die and Decepticon rules are not difficult to follow. If there is continued rule breaking than a permanent exile may result.
- NEVER draw fire! It irritates everyone around you.
- Do not join with the intention of trolling
- Channel ops may set other rules as they see fit.
- Must not call any of Starscream's personal possessions "tacky".
- DO NOT ask for op/oper privileges. If more ops are required, we will decide this in an appropriate fashion. All new ops must be cleared by the channel Commander's, Starscream and Skywarp. Ops lost due to nick de-registration will depend on the whim of the channel Commanders. Ops lost due to infractions will be permanant. Any one found to op someone with out permission will find themselves demoted immediately and placed in a 24 hour exile Do not attempt to hack ops, impersonate an op or oper, or take over a channel. Such infractions will not be tolerated.
- Don't argue with superior beings. (Starscream or Skywarp)

A Letter from Our Sub Commander Skywarp:

Hello fellow Decepticons and/or Seekers,

I would like to make a brief comment on the No Slash At All Rule. I echo Starscream's comment that we are not trying to censor anyone's thoughts. My point is that there are pleanty of places on the internet to discuss slash: Other Chat Rooms, Message Boards, Live Journals, etc. Starscream and I simply choose to shelter ourselves from this topic and do not go to these other places. Therefore, if you wish to discuss Slash, go to one of the other places and discuss it with WILLING participants. DO NOT bring it here.


Other IRC info:

Interested in playing Quake 3 with Seekers? Contact Starscream-. Perhaps we can get a Decepticon Quake 3 team going.

Austnet Help

Complaint Procedure: If you have a complaint about a user or something along that line; please contact the channel Commanders. If neither one is there, then leave them a message in the Austnet note box.

/msg noteop send Starscream- (write message text here)

Nick Registration: This allows you to be the only one to use that nick.

/msg register (password) (email address)

Nick Identification: This is when you are asked to Identify

/msg identify (password)

ALL CHANNEL MEMBERS must identify before they can enter the chatroom or be opped by chanop, otherwise the embarrasing experiance of a chanop inflicted ban will occure. (we will sort that out right away)

`op (your nick)
`deop (your nick)

Nick Kill: If someone, for whatever reason, is on IRC under your nick, you can knock them off. This also proves useful in situations where you have ping time outs or sudden disconnects.

/msg nickop kill (nick) (password)

Nick Protect: This gives the owner of the nick 120 seconds to identify before Austnet disconnects you.

/msg nickop set kill on/off

Servers to connect to: Please note not all will work.;raving;Melbourne Australia;Singapore

Decepticon Slang: These are substitutes for human vulgarities, oaths and are preferred to the words they represent. Their usage is fairly simple to figure out.

- Frag, fragging or fragged, Frag it all. What the frag?
- Slag, slagging or slagged, You are so slagged!
- Bot fragger.
- Bot fragging son of a Cessna.
- frag me flying
- Vapor Trash
- Retro rats
- Blast
- Afterburner
- Primus
- Great Cybertron!
- I'll have your wings
- Pile of scrap
- Skidplate - I find this gross... avoid it.

If you need help, just ask. We Decepticons are a swell bunch and boy do we have fun!