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Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary and the slash, or rather the Anti-slash message.

Why the ribbon.

I have, since my return to the fandom a number of years ago, come across fictions that go on to detail intimate relationships between male rivals, enemies, best of friends, and not relationships that are simply friendly. They are either graphically sexual or implied sexual. Needless to say, I was rather shocked and disgusted. There had been no warning that there was sexual content within the fic.

I will admit I am not a big kids person. But I do have young relatives who have shown an interest in transformers and cringed at the thought of what could happen is they come across the off coloured fics. Transformers is essentially a children's toy, a children's show that some of us adults also like to enjoy.

I find it insulting to the spirit of character(s) involved and it is unnecessary. At least for those who write slash into a fic, please put a warning that said fic contains material unsuitable to people under the age of 18 or what ever happens to be no longer considered a minor in your country.

Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary will avoid linking to websites that contains easily accessible slash.