Fan Art

An Abuse of Power By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

"Starscream, you fool..." The Decepticon leader said as he yanked a startled Starscream to his feet.

"Megatron, really it's not my fault. The..."

"Because of your stupidity the Autobots are breaking through," Megatron snapped.

"Megatron...let me exp..."

"I have to stop them myself..." Megatron said cutting Starscream off again. "Get ready to receive..."

"As you so order..." the Seeker replied darkly.

Starscream stood scowling at Megatron as his leader transformed. Megatron fell neatly into his hands and Starscream began to fire upon the approaching Autobots and, suddenly, something inside him became terribly unglued.

He stared at Megatron for a moment. A series of emotions crossed his face and finally he smirked. A dark and very dangerous smirk. Without a word or warning, Starscream grabbed the Megatron gun in both hands and smashed it across his knee.

In the not so distant background Skywarp grinned as Thundercracker handed over a stack of credits.

Photograph with some Photoshop involved.