Fan Fictions

Seeker of Vengeance Series

In Season three of the Generation One cartoons Starscream's life was returned to him by unicron, Seeker of Vengenace takes place after he is seen tumbling through space. These Stories are related to the SoV Universe and back stories of some of its characters.

For Please follow this “chapter” guide for logical order of reading

Chapter 1: Seeker of Vengeance

Chapter 2: Enemy of the Cause

Title: Seeker of Vengeance
Date: 05.12.04
Genre: Action
Author: Sunstar
Other: Alternate Universe Post-G1-S3
Summary: Going insane from isolation from his own kind, Starscream, revived from the dead, must face the daunting task of returning to Cybertron and facing his deadly enemy: Galvatron.

Title: Enemy of the Cause
Date: 12.15.06
Genre: Action
Author: Sunstar
Other: G1 - Seeker of Vengeance tie in.
Summary: Sunburst, dying on mars, finds herself reliving her less than glorious past. This fic can be read in conjunction with Seeker of Vengeance.