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Earthdate: June, 10 2007
Subject: New Toys and Reviews!

This has been a fun week of new toys. There are just so many figures out there and new items are popping up all the time. Party plates and sundry, bedding - which comes in double by the way. There are clothes, shoes, magnets and candies as well. The marketing on this movie is insane.

It has also been fun to talk to people in the stores while eyeing the figures. Some are looking for specific things while others are trying to figure it all out. I can help them out a little if they got specific questions.

In the Movie Vault

I picked up a few figures from a private collection sell off this week. So these fellows did not have instructions so it was a bit of fun trying to figure out how they are supposed to look.

I will start with the Beast Wars the Second Starscream. This figure actually consists of two figures the diminutive Starscream and the bulking BB. They combine to form a B52 Bomber. Between the combined characters they have fourteen missiles. They have two missile launchers for Starscream and a gatling gun that shoots six missiles when you turn the crank. The wings of the B52 holds six missiles that can be dropped like bombs. This figure is more awesome than I had initially thought. BB reminds me of B.O.T. from the G1 episode B.O.T. Starscream actually has a miss spelled name on the stickers and is called Starscrem.

One final note, on this figure and I do feel this is worthy of some notation. While I was taking pictures I managed to accidentally fire off Starscream's launcher. It flew over my shoulder, over the room divider then across the apartment. It travelled over 12 feet which I think is remarkable for a spring loaded missile launcher. I did find it again too.

Also in the BW2 theme, I got a Beast Wars the Second Kabaya Starscream figure. This is about 2 inches high and is a bright purple colour. It does not appear to have a transformation of any sort. It is a rather neat Starscream curiosity.

I will introduce the Japanese version of the EZ - Legends of Cybertron Starscream figure (Japan). This is a very nice figure that is, hands down, better than the North American release. It has wonderful paint applications. Definitely worth the addition to the collection. I will also note that for some reason I had not put the Legends of Cybertron figures on my shrine page. They are now up under this heading as well.

TRU Cybertron Starscream. This figure originally came in a two pack with Vector Prime and I did not get the Vector Prime figure as I don't always want the second figure. He is made of a red plastic, which for some reason surprised me. He's quite nice and I do like him a lot.

This was definitely an awesome deal as I got a few figures I have been wanting and a figure I did not know about. Thanks Megatroptimus!

In the Movie Vault

As I stated, there are all manner of transformers movie related items floating around. They are coming in all sorts of styles and all sorts of locations. I have found the Barrel Roll Blaster Starscream. This is an interesting if heavily kiddified toy. It has no robot mode but it does transform, in one single move, into a double barrelled Nerf gun. It is easy to use but very heavy. One interesting point I will note is the missiles shriek when they are fired. A very high pitched whistle that I missed the first couple firings. Caspar has been enjoying this toy himself as he has taken great pleasure in shooting me in the back of the head with it.

In the Thunderscream Files

Thunderscream has been writing reviews for several figures he has purchased and he seems rather well pleased with what he has picked up. He has shared with us his well written reviews once more. So if you are wanting a second opinion on new figures, please take a look.

Reviews added to the site are, Movie Barricade, Movie Brawl and Movie Protoform Starscream.

More reviews will come when Thunderscream can get to them. Check back again soon!

And finally.

I would like to thank all of those who have visited this site and have left me some feed back in private messages, emails and whatnot. I appreciate this very much and it gives me drive to continue with this ongoing project. I hope that the information or fan work on this site was useful and enjoyable. So again Thanks!

See you all around in the next update!

- Sunstar

Earthdate: June, 5 2007
Subject: Site Updates

Femcons and Decepticons, I would like to inform you that I have done some updates to a few out of date pages. This includes the weblinks, the Control Room, Toys and Games, Credits and a slight reorganisation of the left hand menu bar.

I also want to announce the Myspace Blog that I will use to announce site updates. So now you can subscribe to that blog to get site updates.

And I have received notice that my new Starscream figures are on their way so you shall be seeing some more Starscream goodness very soon!

That's about it for now, So until another day

- Sunstar

Earthdate: June, 3 2007
Subject: And we're off!

About one month to go before Transformers the live action movie hits the big screens and already the fever is starting. June 2nd was the official release of the movie produces and we have seen stores filled to the brim with movie goodness. And the Seeker Sanctuary has only just started.

Check here soon for reviews by Thunderscream and new entries for Starscreams Generations as we come into what can be considered 1984 all over again.

In the Movie Vault

This is specifically for Starscream figures. I will add any other Autobot or Decepticon figures. I was in the supermarket in Burlington, Fortinoes and they had movie products! They had some deluxe classed figures as well as real gear and Fast Action Battlers. I picked up a fab Starscream.

I will do a very small personal review. This not what I consider the prettiest figure I own. From above and the front, the alt-mode does not look too bad. From below it is a plane with legs...pigeon legs. It makes for a very fun gerwalk mode mind you. His transformation intrigued me as he just automatically unfolds once you pull his wings open. His gimmicks are a button on the shoulder which you push and his arm flips forward. Pull another button on his shoulder and his "battle blades" flip forward. Yippi yi yay.

My final thought was they could have done so much more with this character. The toy is cool, but it's not pretty.

In Prisoners of Starscream

I am adding the Autobot Movie figures directly to this page. I do not have a whole lot of Autobots so I did not think adding to that page will cause those with dial up too much hassle. I will break it up into two pages once I start getting something like 200 thumbnails. So dial up folk beware, the Starscream's shrine has a lot of images.

Talking of phones and dialup. I picked up the Real Gear Speed Dial 800 from the supermarket as well. He is an Autobot figure who looks like a small cell phone. He's pretty neat which was why I wanted that one, even though he is an Autobot. It is a shame that these figures do not function, but regardless of that, they are fun.

So I think that is all for now. Please check back again soon, we should be seeing more figures this month. Until then,

- Sunstar