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Earthdate: March, 30 2007
Subject: In like a lamb out like a lion

Well, I am, for some reason, massively WAY behind in updating this website. However, despite the delay I do have many things to update with. So I shall cut the chit chat and get to the meat of this entry.

I posted on Deviantart about a subject of art theft. There had been a person who had gone around to fansites, took art from them and posted it up claiming it was their own. I did some research into the matter and pointed out the deviantart that this art was ripped off. So please be aware, there are people out there who feel they can. For more details please read: Transfans: A tight knit and watchful community

In Starscream's Shrine

Glee! I have been scouring the depths of Ebay..stop me now people, and found some more lovely Starscreams to add to my collection. I picked up Built To Rule Starscream, he arrived today in fact. Not what I call the best example of a transformer, sort of laughable but I think its neat in its altmode. Earlier this week I picked up Sams Club exclusive energon Starscream. Which is technically an armada Starscream repaint but he looks really nice and is not hair trigger like my Armada Starscream is.

In The Thunderscream Files

Thunderscream has recently passed over the latest toy review of Classics Ramjet. So head on over there and have a look and see what he has to say.

In Comics

I missed this one last time around so here we go this time. New in the Sanctuary is the IDWTransformers Escalation books. I was unable to get hold of the IDW Infiltration issues 0, 1, 2. and 3. They will hopefully arrive. If not, I might need a little help.

Also I have picked up some Misc Starscream covers which are mostly Armada. I have no intention of collecting the whole Armada or energon issues, but I may continue on with the Dreamwave Armada Miniseries Worlds Collide.

I will be getting the Megatron Origins Issues as that interests me and now I am contemplating the Movie prequel comics.

In Fan Art

I will attempt to correct my once piece sometime soon, I need to think about it a bit more. That one is the one that Charger426 has drawn for me. Quite a colouring challenge as it used a lot of lights and a lot of detail. All in all I am very pleased with how it turned out.

I have added Equanimity505's One Morose Screamer to my art section. I did the inks and colour work on that drawing and I am delighted at how it turned out. Poor sad Starscream.

In Fan Fiction

Just a very short story that came to mind over the past week. I was too busy to write it down but it stayed with me so I introduce you to The Late Arrival

In Toys and Games

I picked up the live action Transformers the Movie Prequel, Ghosts of Yesterdayand I can say, I was very impressed. This review was edited by Thunderscream.

Coming Soon

Also coming is a tail fin and instruction booklet for my G2 Starscream. This means just a single missile and the orange voice box thing to be snared to complete the transformer.

Hopefully next week I will be seeing the Act 9 PVC Armada Starscream toy coming my way in the mail. It's been a Month of Starscream goodness and Finally, I will get some pictures of it sometime soon, but I have the Original Astrotrain and a decoy counterpart.

So that is all I have for now and remember, get the book!

- Sunstar

Earthdate: March, 20 2007
Subject: I smell a rodent...

We had a rough week with a multitude if real life issues. Dead mice, live mice, holes in the wall... So much much fun . Despite all that I did get some things completed. I have to finalise one situation and then things should hopefully return to normal.

On one of the days I managed to break free of the restraints of home, I saw how my art looks on a different computer. Unfortunately, it seems, my art is best viewed on MY computer.

Ebay, is an evil evil. I have to say there is a Sams Club Energon and a BTR "lego" Armada Starscream coming soon.

I have also completed a trade with someone and I should be getting a few more toys and Astrotrain will be one of them.

In Fan Art

Charger426 of Devintart had requested a colour job of me. His Autobot fan character, Charger, was coloured as a trade for some lines of a scene I had in mind. I have seen proto-drawings of those and I am very excited!

In Starscream's Friends

Interesting bits and pieces I come across every now and again I put in a section named... well, interesting bits and pieces. In this section we have birthday cards, post cards, colouring papers or other consumable or easily used and destroyed articles. Vintage and modern things can be found. Today we have added a comic con postcard, Vintage colouring pages and a "3d" birthday card. It was also reorganised too.

So that is it for now.

Until later,

- Sunstar

Earthdate: March, 12 2007
Subject: The Answer is 42

The Ultimate question is...How many Starscreams does Sunstar actually have?

Most people who know me, know that I am a huge fan of Starscream. collecting his character is an obsession and sort of an ambition. They say everyone needs a hobby, and for me, Starscream is that hobby.

From the time I was a little girl, Starscream caught my attention, be it his voice, his mannerisms or the fact he turned into a jet, I am still uncertain. But I do know he is a character which has always stuck with me and I have always loved.

Generation one will be where my spark will always lie. That Starscream is the spirit of all to follow in his path. Some come close to the Original while others will miss the mark by a mile. But each one will leave his mark.

42. That is the number of Starscream's in my collection. That so far is not the end of the collection. There are so many out there yet to be found. And while I am left looking, I see so many more to come, it is almost disheartening.

And then comes the movie. Do I or don't I? I've asked that question many times and I am leaning toward that I will. I find the jet mode is interesting and again, it is Starscream, way off the mark in regards to robot mode, but he will have an impact. He will leave his mark, whatever that mark is. Do I love the movie Starscream? No. Will I? Not likely, but that really depends on characterisation. It is all the Starscream has left. But with the movie comes new products portraying Starscream in his original G1 form and those, of all the toys, are the ones I look for.

So yeah, basically it comes down what I used to have as my sig on some forums "It's more than an obsession; it's a lifestyle" and I am proud of it!

(Cross posted in Deviantart)

In Fan Art

A new addition only a few days ago and did not take too much time to create. It is titled In My Dreams and is based off my fan fic "The Seeker of Vengeance".

In the Thunderscream Files

Newly added is the Classics Astrotrain review by Thunderscream. This is a well written review with very honest points and comments about this Classics triple changer.

In Everything Else

And speaking of Astrotrain, Sunstar has made some trades for some toys so the site will soon see G1 Astrotrain added to the collection. There are other toys coming soon too, but we will see how much they need to have their parts found. So the trade is done.

Also coming, and I said this in a previous entry, the "store" will be on line as soon as I finish working out some bugs, take photos and work out a spread sheet. I do have a permit to sell in Ontario and therefore, I would have to collect taxes for Ontario only. As for GST (federal) I would have to look into it. I do not think I even qualify to collect federal taxes. Much fun to be had for all, I don't even like math. But US citizens not to worry, it would not effect you!

So that is it for now, until then,

- Sunstar

Earthdate: March, 6 2007
Subject: When it rains, it pours

Well, all pending parcels have arrived today, unfortunately one had a hefty customs reassessment which I will be trying to counter because I disagree with it. This is a reminder to sellers out there, put a receipt in with your package because if customs re-value it, you'll burn. Buyers, request this receipt from sellers.

In Starscream's shrine

Well the Shrine has "exploded" with three new items, well two of them are vintage articles. To start with, I am pleased to announce the arrival of my 6" Titanium Starscream. He's pretty sweet, very light coloured. I am surprised he is more white than grey. Maybe a touch too "clean" looking. But a lovely transformer and a great addition. The other additions to my collection are a pair of vintage "toys" stamper and zipper pull. This is the second stamper in my collection. My first one has Autobot insignia on his wings and says it is made by Hasbro industries inc. While the new one said it is by Hasbro Bradley inc. The zipper pull is also by Hasbro Bradley and it came with it's card, I just have not taken scans of it yet.

In Starscream's Friends

We meet Classics Ramjet! A sweet retool of the classics Starscream mould, new face, whole new wings and a shorter length of nose. He looks very cool. I am hoping to see Classics Thrust, Dirge, Thundercracker and Sunstorm. I just hope these four are not the rumoured classics botcon exclusives. I grow seriously annoyed at Exclusives... because they are so often overpriced.

I also renewed the Photos of Titanium Thundercracker. I will not link to it, but I realised I had not taken his picture on his stand.

Ramjet and Titanium Starscream were made possible by a gift to this site. The individual wishes to remain anonymous and I wish to give them thanks.

In Fan Art

Well, it is perhaps not the greatest comic in the world, but it amused me and hauled me out of a rather depressing night. So I will subject you to the pun of the evening... Mistaken Identity.

In Everything Else

I am trying to think of something interesting news wise and I really don't think there is. The new movie prequel comics will be out shortly. They were delayed because of a printing error. I am not very interested in them. At the moment. I will be getting the Megatron Origins Comics.

There seems to be a bit of a lull right now across various boards and this site as well. Not sure why other than there seems to be a slow down in toy release or everyone is getting excited with MP-05. I am not getting him. Not that he does not excite me, I just have no spot for that one. I want his sword, kremzeek and pistol.

So I think that is about it right now...

Until another day,

- Sunstar