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Earthdate: September, 18 2007
Subject: Great Update!

I finally got the bulb I needed for the Photo table, although I will redo one pic sometime this week since I did a real shoddy job of it tonight. So finally an interesting update today.

I took pictures of the new figures and items I have collected. As well as updated my Warhammer pages. Check back on that as it is being updated fairly often as soon as I got things to put there. I have over 7000 Points in orcs and goblins

Here is a pic of my current Movie Starscream collection. I will get a better pic of it at a later date.

Click to see full size
Movie Starscream Group Shot.

In Starscream's Movie Toys

Two new goodies have fallen into my hands. One is a G1 redeco of the Movie Starscreamcomplete with the funky new head. Dare I say the original head looks better for this mold

And finally, I managed to land the Movie Legends Starscream. Not very well articulated to be honest and could benefit from a simple landing gear in the nose.

In The Thunderscream Files.

A new toy review by our own Thunderscream. Check it out, his prowess for an insightful and interesting reviews continue on with Movie Dreadwing

Sunstar in the News

Interesting in that, Sunstar has found herself in the Toronto area way back in May just after the Transformers Convention. It was an article written by Melissa Yue for Now Magazine. I am not sure it made it into the printed version, but it appears to have made it into the internet version.

Here it is with a link to the original source, NOW Magazine

City in brief
Transformer Nation

Nostalgia mixed with obsession at the sixth annual Transformers Toy Convention at the Doubletree International Plaza Hotel in Etobicoke last weekend.

Lovers of the 80s action figures, most of them young men in their 20s and 30s clad in Transformers T-shirts and caps, queued in the hotel foyer around a 10-foot-tall Optimus Prime (fictional commander of the heroic Autobots and most recognizable Transformer of all time) for the chance to get in the dealers room and spend hundreds of dollars on the toys.

The convention's 30-something director, Colin Douglas, estimates he's spent $10,000 on Transformer merchandise in his lifetime. But he's no big spender compared to others he knows who've had to rent storage space for their collections.

Says Douglas, "Now that I'm grown up and have a good job, I can afford to buy those toys I always wanted."

To Phil Gervais, a 19-year-old self-professed fanatic from Brampton who stayed over at the hotel the night before, "Transformers aren't just blank machines. They have emotions."

Josie Thurman, a vendor who goes by the nickname Sunstar, is one of the few women at the event not looking bored to tears. She writes Transformers fan fiction and does artwork.

She talks excitedly about her favourite character, Starscream, and points to a glass-encased box on the table filled with pristine Transformers toys. "This is my pride and glory," she says.

She uses my name, but that's okay. Just no one else use it.

So I do think that is all I can add for now, so until then,

- Sunstar

Earthdate: September, 11 2007
Subject: Good stuff and some bad.

September is here and I see too many things I want. Oh well, woe is me.

One thing that I can say is bad is that the bulb on my halogen lamp that I use on my Photo table blew, so I can't take pictures with it until later. This means aspects of my website have screeched to a halt until that time.

The good things are the goodies I got and I have seen.

First of all I picked up the Target G1 coloured repaint of the Movie Starscream. This is pretty neat although, ironically, his head of the original figure looks better. Go figure. I said something akin to have a G1 styled head on Starscream... but the head is-kinda odd.

That came with an unloaded Target Exclusive Transforming gift card in its original package. I will be leaving it this way since the package is sort of part of the card. The card is a lot larger than I had thought it might be and I am hoping to get hold of an opened "used" card to play with. I will get these figures Photographed and put up soon.

While wandering around locally, I have seen a few things of interest. One of them being the Optimus Prime Christmas ornament. He looks almost like an Masterpiece Optimus Prime. I spotted him at Carlton Cards in Mapleview Mall Burlington Canada, if you are interested. Also there, I saw the 2008 Transformers Movie calendar. Starscream is the calendar mech for October.

I have not had too much to say lately due to the fact that A) the toys are hard to find and B) I have most of what I need to complete my collection. It is extremely hard to find stuff I do not already own.

In Fan Art

A Bond is a special thing... A new piece of colour work done on older lines I had done several months ago.

In Fan Fiction

The Endless Night. A poem or song that was written for RP and from Starscream's point of view. I may post the short fic that goes with this sometime soon.

In Warhammer: The Drakensberg Orcs and Goblins

The Drakensberg Orcs and Goblins is a new Non Transformers Section of my website focusing on my Warhammer army. I have a few photographs taken of the models and those are up, however, not everything is photographed due to the untimely death of my halogen bulb.

It is still a buggy section but I will be sorting it out over time.

So that is all for now, thanks for visiting, and thanks for leaving feedback about the site. I appreciate it.

- Sunstar