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Night Goblins Moon Tooth Tribe!

In the dark dank depths of the Drakensberg live the tribes of Night Goblins. They are generally described as red hooded Night Goblins but they do come from two, maybe three different tribes. One of the More predominant tribes, commonly called Bad Moon tribe by the ignorant, the Moontooth Goblins are lead by Grotgore, rider of the Giant Squig Moontooth.

The tribes of Night goblins literally farm fungus in their dark caverns. Huge forests of mushrooms thrive in the tunnels. Strange creatures abound in the darkness.

Night Goblins of this army are painted in Primary Colours Blue and red for the cloaks, with yellow accents. Not like the standard black cloaked goblins. That might have been easier in the long run, but it would have made the army look just like any other night goblin army.

Big Boss, Warboss and Battle Standards
Click to see full size
Battle Standard
Click to see full size
Night Goblin Warboss on Giant Squig
Night Goblin Arrer Boys
Click to see full size
1000 Point Army
Click to see full size
Arrer Boyz (20)
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Arrer Command
Night Goblin Spears
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Unit 40 Spears + Fanatics
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Command + netters
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