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Bits, baubles, weapons, paint and banners. Things here make up the special magical items that are given to various orcs, goblins and shamans. But how annoying is it to have that cool weapon that could have turned the tide of the game and you realised after the fact that you had forgotten its very existence? Trust me, it's irritating as heck. Here is one way to remember what magical items you have on the characters.

I probably will create them, but items like dispel scrolls and power stones are what I consider very private and personal. I would not put them on the table top for your opponent to see.

I plan on creating the whole set, with extras of items I can take more of. This is also a great way of knowing what is in your pouch of spells and not accidentally taking duplicates. It is also colour coded so you can see if you have taken more than one spell for each category.

Magical Weapons
Click to see full size
Porko's Pigstikka
Click to see full size
Ulag's Akrit Axe
Coming soon
Magic Shields
Waiting for some soon Coming soon Coming soon
Click to see full size
Effigy of Mork
Click to see full size
Amulet of Protectyness
Coming soon
Arcane Items
Click to see full size
Waaagh! Paint
Coming soon Coming soon
Enchanted Items
Click to see full size
Maad's Map
Click to see full size
Brimstone Bauble
Click to see full size
Nibbla's 'itty Ring
Click to see full size
Mad Cap Mushrooms
Click to see full size
Guzzla's Battle Brew
Magic Standards
Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon