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Gnashtooth was a Wolf rider. Skilled with the bow and quick to dodge and evade attacks, however, his ageing wolf, was not so skilled. After a bloody battle Gnashtooth found himself unconscious and bleeding. Gnashtooth woke to the sound of a soft mewling and something batting at his feet. His instincts kicked in and he grabbed his sword. But to his surprise, it was a small lion cub with a malformed back. The creature mewed again. Gnashtooth froze for a moment in fear. If there was a cub, there might be adults...

He sat up and looked around but he could not see anyone, not even his companions. As he sat up the cub ran up to him and looked at him expectantly. It mewed again and he realised that the Cub was hungry. Rather than become a choice meal for the young animal, Gnashtooth cut chunks of his dead wolf and gave it to the hungry creature. It was only then Gnashtooth was able to inspect the beast more closely. He realised the malformation on the back was not some defect, but tightly folded wings. The cub, was a young Manticore. It was that day Gnashtooth found himself a new companion to one day ride into battle. From that day forward, Gnashtooth and his Manticore, Kitty Bird, as it became to be known, were inseparable on and off the battle field. They reigned terror amongst all goblins and ummie kind.

Gork Complex: Goblin Warlord, Gnashtooth, on Manticore AKA: "Kitty Bird"
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