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Bestiary: Trolls and Kin

Many trollish types roam the Drakensberg range. Unlike the trolls from the northern continent, the Trolls of the 'Berg are very different. Although there are common trolls, like River and Stone trolls, there are also Swamp, Mountain and Wolf Trolls.

For the troll types, I have tried to be inventive.

I am using the Stone, and Common trolls for some of the troll units, however they tend to be rather expensive and well, pretty static. With that said, I would like to get more, including river trolls; which are really neat.

Swamp trolls will be few in number. Unless I can get myself worked into actually sculpting a Fenbeast. I am using Fenbeast models, one which has been converted by repositioning an arm and scratch building the other arm. These will be using River troll stats.

I have not acquired the models I want for the Mountain trolls. Just know that those will be simply Yeti from the Ogre Kingdoms sets. They will suit my purpose for high Mountain trolls. For those I plan on using Stone troll stats. Ogre Kingdoms have awesome models that I wish to get more of to incorporate into my army.

Wolf Trolls. These were a random occurrence. I won some rat ogre figures at a GW sponsored painting competition. The Brass Nob competition. I did well and one of the treasures were Skaven Rat Ogres. While trying to find giant heads, it was my original idea to give the bodies giant heads to make odd looking trolls, but instead I found spare wolf heads kicking around. They worked far too well. Almost to the point they looked like they should be. With ample green stuff and some careful cleaning of skaven symbol, I constructed the figures. Wolf trolls will go very well with my wolf rider and chariot units. I do hope to get more of these figures and some different wolf heads to make these models that much better and different. Wolf trolls will use basic troll stats and will be classified as "common trolls"

Wolf Trolls
Click to see full size
Wolf Trolls
Click to see full size
Wolf Troll
Click to see full size
Wolf Troll
Swamp Trolls (Fenbeasts)
Click to see full size
Two Fenbeasts
Click to see full size
Click to see full size
Converted Fenbeast
Standard Trolls
Click to see full size
Common Troll
Click to see full size
Common Troll
Click to see full size
Two Common Trolls
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Stone Troll