Fan Art

Thunderscream's Celaeno Colours by: Sunstar Lines by: Charger426

Artist's Note

Celaeno, is an original character of Thunderscream. Celaeno is a JAS 39A Gripen fighter aircraft and was created as a HMW character. This is a drawing/inking done by Charger426.

Thunderscream asked me if I could colour it for him and use colours based on a real world Gripen. He also asked me to try to get the wing insignia more like the symbol he uses for his team. This made me a little uneasy because it involves messing with another artist's line art.

This was coloured using photshop.

Celaeno's Bio

Function: Shocktrooper

Alternate Mode: JAS 39A Gripen

Profile: On normal, off-duty day, there's nothing that distinguishes Celaeno from any other Decepticon unit. Around her comrades, she's easy going, gregarious, and something of a social butterfly, a trait helped by her attractive physique. It's only when she's thrown into combat that a whole new side of her personality is revealed. To say that Celaeno is a bit "gun crazy" would be an understatement; whether in a simple training exercise or a long term campaign, she unloads her entire arsenal on a target, saturating it with missiles, bombs, lasers, and anything else she might be carrying at the time. The situation might be comical if it weren't for the fact that though the barrage appears uncoordinated, she hardly ever misses. No one knows the secret behind this feat and she has any knowledge on how she pulls this off, she isn't talking. The only drawback to this trait is that she has a tendency to run out of ammo very early in a fight, but Archanubis has learned to use this quirk to the team's advantage; he often sends Celaeno in first to "soften the beachhead" before sending in the rest of his team.

Abilities: In vehicle mode, Celaeno can reach speeds of up to Mach 2.1 at an altitude of 36,000ft and has a service ceiling of 50,000ft in an Earth-type atmosphere. She armed with a 27mm pulse cannon in her nose cone and can carry up to 14,300lbs of any variety of ordinances on seven wing and undercarriage hard points. Her unique canard configuration means she has significantly better performance than most; she has a higher pitch rate and lower drag, enabling her to be faster, have a longer range, and carry a larger payload than similar sized aircraft. The canards also assist in landing while in jet mode; tilting them forward turns the canards into large airbrakes, thus slowing her down considerably, and allowing her to mimic her alt's Short Take-off and Landing (STOL) abilities. In robot mode, she's nearly as fast and is armed with a powerful, high-energy energon crossbow that she affectionately named "the Red Baron."

Weakness: Because Celaeno often charges her target at high Mach, the noise alone can alert wary Autobots that an attack is imminent. A well defended position can survive her saturation tactics if sufficiently reinforced or if they manage to shoot her down before she can release her payload. These tactics can also drain her combat arsenal relatively quickly; leaving her bereft of any means of defense should she come under attack. She sometimes pushes her abilities beyond their limit and can experience debilitating mechanical malfunctions because of it. Her operating software suffers from an apparent glitch no one can seem to pinpoint; effects can be as mild as a slight feeling of vertigo to as serious as an engine stall.

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