Fan Fictions

Alternate Universes

These fictions do not have any actual link to any of the other major writings such as Seeker of Vengeance or Starscream's Chronicles. They are basically the 3am plot ideas that rampage around my head keeping me awake. They only stop when I free them into a word file. Others are simply explorations of writing.

Title: Thunderstruck
Date: 12.29.04
Genre: Mystery
Author: Sunstar
Other: Alternate Universe G1
Summary: The Decepticons find themselves stricken with a plague. Time is ticking away fast and Thundercracker struggles to unravel the mystery behind the deadly illness before he and his wingmate, Skywarp, die.

Title: Wild Goose Chase
Date: 10.10.04
Genre: Humour
Author: Sunstar
Other: G1
Summary: Sent on a mission of the up most importance, Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker find themselves in a very odd and embarrassing situation.

Title: On the Prowl
Date: 09.10.05
Genre: Action
Author: Sunstar
Other: Alternate Universe G1
Summary: The energy rectifier disk is the only thing that stands between Starscream having a good day and a very bad day. Unfortunately Prowl, of the Autobots, has it.

Title: Antilla
Date: 05.12.08
Genre: Action Crossover
Author: Sunstar
Other: Alternate Universe - Pre-G1 + Stargate
Status: Work In Progress
Summary: Deep in the ancient areas of Cybertron, Starscream discovers a ring of stone that stands in a room which is heaped with dust. The SG1 Team discover a gate address on an ancient world named Antilla; a dusty world where the inhabitants have vanished without a trace.

Title: Half a life
Date: 09.12.05
Genre: Tragedy
Author: Sunstar
Other: RP based post-G1
Summery: Dying of a broken bond; Starscream recalls the death of his bondmate and the shattering of his spark.

Title: Reflect on this
Date: 10.14.06
Genre: Monologue
Author: Sunstar
Other: G1
Summary: Starscream reflects upon the errors of his ways.

Title: The Late Arrival
Date: 03.30.07
Genre: Horror
Author: Sunstar
Other: Alternate Universe G1
Summary: Critically injured, Starscream returns to base.