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Starscream vs Phoenix Colours by: Sunstar Lines by: Charger426 Lines by:

Artist's Note

Excellent! I have managed to adjust a few things in this picture of Starscream and Phoenix. I adjusted the colour saturation a but until the green brightened and BOY did it make a world of difference. I was much happier with this. I had spent much time thinking about how I could fix a couple things and make this better than it was.

The other thing I did was lighten the shadows on the face. I do feel I was a bit to heavy on the shading there considering the light over head is quite bright. I also added more brightness to the optics and they show up that much better.

So the original line art is by charger426 on Deviantart. This picture is supposed to portray Phoenix and Starcream having what appears to be a sort of one sided "lovers battle" on the balcony of the "loft", their off Nemesis II weekend retreat. Yes, when Starscream utters that cry, he really means, lets go back here and have a small party...a private party...I won't continue.

Starscream goaded Phoenix into fighting him because he enjoys it for some reason. However, Phoeix seems to be ready to clock him in the jaw or knee him in the ports. Yeah the ports... I think if you think about it you'll figure it out.

Skywarp and Sunburst were watching from the top of the building with the red lights. But they can't be seen. However they were disappointed it ended with the two sneaking off together.

So that's it for now.

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This Phoenix OC belongs to Phoenix

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