Fan Art

Freedom Lines By: DCJosh Colours By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings...unless you are a Decepticon.

This was done for the motivational Poster contest (not sure how official it is, but I thought why not?)

That particular line has always been a subject of some irritation to me.

I chose this image to represent that quote as it shows Starscream flying over a landscape in a non aggressive manner. He's enjoying the freedom of flight. However, he is not safe. Somewhere, someone will attempt to disrupt his peace by attacking him simply because he is there.

This may not just represent a Decepticon, but anyone who wants to enjoy freedom and safety. One should not feel that they need to worry about things coming out of the blue at them and put their life or health in peril.

The lines for this piece were originally done by dcjosh's Beautiful lines. My original work can be found here Soaring at Sunset

What I did differently with this from the original is lowered the flight of Starscream in the frame so he would be framed more nicely. I also cropped it and resized it. This is one of my favourite CG things I have had the chance of doing, the original piece. I have to thank dcjosh for doing the lines once again.

Find their art:DCjosh.

Please link to me if you choose to take this image thanks.