Fan Art

Soaring at Sunset Lines by: DCJosh Colours by: Sunstar

Artist's Note

Deviantart is a place where wonderful talent gathers to display their works of art. DCjosh, who is employed by IDW, who release the transformers comic books, is one of those talented artists.

Recently he released a pencil drawing of soarin' Screamer, MP-03 Starscream in flight and it really appealed to me. I asked if I may colour it. I have been in a bit of an artistic block recently and I needed this sort of chance to kick start my creativity into, hopefully, high gear.

Anyway, I am more than pleased how this particular image came out. The sky, came out better than I had imagined it would. Starscream, done in cell shading style, came out quite nice as well.

So here we have Starscream soaring over forests at sunset. Returning home from battle or out on an evening jaunt.

Original pencil artwork by DCjosh.

Please link to me if you choose to take this image thanks.