Fan Art

Decepticon Insignia Suncatcher By: Gillian Swanink


Original one of a kind piece by Cymru Dragon.

Simple design, but took a lot of time to design and execute.

Brass ring
Glass Globs
Spectrum glass
Wire clips

A brief note on Gillian Swanink also known as Cymru Dragon:

Cymru Dragon is an incredible stained glass artist. She usually creates detailed stained glass mosaics and Celtic knot work windows. She often does commission pieces; for the right price.

For her, stained glass is not just pieces of pretty colours arranged in a pattern. It is the grain of the glass and how it can effect a piece. The precise colour or texture of the glass. She has an incredible colour sense and will spend a lot of time finding the exact colours she needs to make a piece exactly how she wants it.

Cymru Dragon has been doing her craft for over twenty years and her work just goes to show you how versatile stained glass can be.

More of Gillian's Artwork can be found here.Cymru Dragon

Please link to me if you choose to take this image thanks.