Fan Art

Final Moments By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

This had originally been done for Seibertron's Photo Contest thingy. We were to choose a scene from Transformers the movie and this was the chosen scene. Not really a good moment for Starscream but he was given one of the most detailed death scenes. It remains upsetting to this very day.

The toy in the photograph is the Mega SCF Starscream. It's quite possible and comes with an crowned head and a pair of fists as well as open hands and a Megatron gun. I have never used the crowned head, so this is the first time I used that. Something about ripping Starscream's head off doesn't do it for me. But alas, I gotta pop it off again to get my mascot back.

He is my mascot this one. I take this character around with me because, he might wanna get a Photo taken with something....what, Primus only knows.

So I took the photo that I entered and tinkered with it in Photoshop. I have done and done my worst or perhaps my best. I used several layers set on overlay, screen and multiply. For the most part I have done no additional colours to the figure in the picture itself. I only added a bit of white overlay to the optics and jewels on the crown.

The red flare thing, which is also seen in the movie, I have always wanted to believe it is his spark escaping his dying body in a tactical retreat. I am not one to go with the whole immortal spark thing. Well I do and I don't it depends. I believe that if a person has business that is not yet complete they will hang around until it's done. In Starscream's case; he wanted leadership and just about had it when he died.

Back to the picture, I tried to keep the elements of the original scene in it. The radial background the purple sparkly things in the foreground. I suppose I could have tried to tear up his cape in the picture but I chose to leave that as is.

All in all I think it turned out fairly well.

The Photograph is manipulated in Photoshop..