Fan Art

A look into the future By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

Sadly he did not look far enough into the future.

Starscream had discovered the scrying stone; a rare crystalline ball of extreme beauty, set upon a ring of gold. The stone was hidden for reasons unknown in an ancient earth castle. He had to travel through labyrinths to locate the secret room on the whim of some ancient Earth's script.

He stood before the stone and ran his fingers across the surface. Almost immediately, the stone activated. It swirled white and then lavender, glowing brighter. Inside the lavender glow an image appeared of him looking proud and crowned. And then, as suddenly as it appeared, the lavender glow flashed and dissipated.

Starscream, from that moment, knew that he would be king.

Photograph merged with a Transformer the movie screen capture of Starscream's ill fated Coronation. Manipulated until it looked pretty good.