Fan Art

Mistaken Identity By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

I am not really sure if I have a anything good to go along with this image, but it was something to amuse me and take me out of a bit of a slump. It is my camping lantern and I do use it, but it gives out piss poor light.

I have heard of fantasy battles for Transformers. Starscream VS Spiderman or Megatron VS superman and whatnot. Crossover battles, who would win... Well here is a crossover that did not work out...

Megatron left Skywarp and Starscream in the interrogation room with the lamp. The two exchanged nervous glances.

"Megatron's gonna tear you to pieces, Starscream. You know that?" Skywarp warned.

"Why me? It was your idea Skywarp," Starscream retorted as they waited for the return of their very confused leader.

"My idea?" Skywarp snorted. "You were the one ordered to capture the Green Lantern and return to base...You asked me to come along. Also you were the moron who took the lamp from those humans."

"You pointed it out to me and Megatron never specified..." Starscream whispered.

"I was only pulling your wing, you dork."

"Now, he tells me..."

Photograph with some Photoshop involved.