Fan Art

Seekers Vacation! By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

Seeker's Vacation

I imagine, Starscream fell to a practical joke done by Skywarp... first the bomb present and now this...

Seibertron again had a Photocontest that I participated in. I don't really play to win as I am the one who makes the prize sigs. I enter just for fun. Unfortunately my entry was done during my particularly bad artist's block-lull / depression. I'm feeling a bit better these days.

I took the image, which looked like crap...and did a significant ammount of editing. It's not wonderful, but it was fun.

Unfortunately there was not enough room in the rooftop area to attempt to make the image look more like the poster, but I feel it came out well enough.

There was a fair amount of messing around with the original image, which I will put into scraps on Deviantart as soon as I upload this. EDIT: here's the original Seekers Vaction

The toy is MP-03 and the snow is shaving cream.