Imaginarium Art Legacy of Cybertron Starscream

Basic Details

Earthdate: 11/06/2019

This will be the second-most expensive purchase I have done for my collection outside of furniture and once again I have no regrets. It is truly a beautiful figure.


This was not as large as my first IM Arts statue, in fact the delivery man was able to carry it. I was able to carry it. Although it was still bulky. It took a little longer to ship than the first statue. Not a big deal. What was most important to me was that it arrived on the days I had off, which it did. So it arrived on a Tuesday.

It arrived at 12pm on the dot, which allowed me to make arrangements to stream it at 3pm later that afternoon I hope to get those streams up on youtube in the near future. There was a customs fee with this shipment, but I am okay with that and it was expected.

FedEx A++


Once opened we got to the original packaging, which, again was well protected with plastic corner braces so any unexpected bumps would not dent up the corners and damage the beautiful box inside.

The statue came in a single box this time, unlike the last figure that had THREE boxes. This box was black and white and very glossy. It, like the previous one, had a tech spec although this one was not as good as it was in black and white which kinda neutralised the functionality of it.

Packaging: A++

What's in the Box!
Imaginarium Arts
What's In the Box?
Imaginarium Arts
Another Box!
Imaginarium Arts
Legacy of Cybertron
Imaginarium Arts
Beautiful Carton
Imaginarium Arts
Tech Specs

Statue Set Up

Some assembly required...

Unlike the last time, this fellow did not come with an instruction book. This was not too bad, as it was a lot simpler to put together, although the right leg is kind of scary.

Much like my first statue this one had powerful rare earth magnets to connect each joint. It came with a base two legs, two arms, two wings, two fists, two tail stabilisers, two weapons and obviously, a head and body.

Each part was carefully packed in thick closed cell foam which had a black velveteen fabric and each part was wrapped in a type of tissue paper. I partly imagined myself playing operation trying to fish some of the parts out of their little compartments.

This figure was a breeze to put together. Seems to have a very sturdy base and its very secure. The right leg is kinda bent upward and was a little worrisome as I hope that whatever is holding the magnets in does not give way.

It did not take too long to put the statue together. The question was, where exactly do I place it? Its not nearly as large as the original one, peaking at a maximum height of 22 inches.

I did try to remedy my lack of space by getting full glass doors for my Ikea Billy bookcases - a story of woe for another day. I will document the upgrade next week likely because it's complicated. I had also set up my second Ikea Detolf cabinet just in case I needed to use that.

Ultimately It went into the Billy display, although I had to remove the glass shelf this will go into the other one next week.

Once I had it lovingly displayed I realised I had not checked out what its LE Number was, so I had to take it out and carefully remove it from its base to check it out. Unlike my previous statue, I have no easy way to view its edition status, unless I changed the bottom shelf to glass that is still a possibility as I plan to move the statue to the middle cabinet.

The paint on this statue is something to behold, a rich delicious cherry red, and beautiful blue. Its details are identical to the coronation statue, so this is easily the same being, just prior to him taking his crown.

All in all, he is a beautiful figure, and a lovely piece to add to any Starscream collection.

Statue: A++
Ease of Set up: A++
Helpful Spouse: A++

I think very highly of this figure and rate it an A++
Unlike my previous statue, I had zero problems.

Statue Set Up
Imaginarium Arts
Inner Foam
Imaginarium Arts
Cutouts for Parts
Imaginarium Arts
Partial Body
Imaginarium Arts
Imaginarium Arts
Off Side
Imaginarium Arts
Imaginarium Arts
Side, Weapon, Leg
Imaginarium Arts
Imaginarium Arts
Imaginarium Arts
053 of 200
Imaginarium Arts
Full Front
Imaginarium Arts
Full Back