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Thunderstruck By: Sunstar

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Artist's Note

I am not sure how much of Thunderstruck I will attempt to illustrate. How much I will do will depend if I can draw what I want to draw. I realise that I will have to attempt to summerise the chapters into 3 - 6 pages. Being that there are 10 chapters, I see this as being a very big task. I hope no one expects this in a hurry. If I do choose to draw and colour this comic, we are looking at at least a year or so to complete it. It is an entertianing idea.

Chapter One - Rest Assured

Cover Page:

Okay, this'll be a page of Chapter 2, likely the last page, *if* I get that far in illustrating the fic in comic format. But this was something that I had in mind from the time I wrote Thunderstruck. On occaion when I write a fic I see a scene so clearly I wish to draw it and show people what I have in mind.

This was done for fun. I made a logo similar in nature to the ones that IDW and DW had on their comics. Being that I shouldn't use Transformers as the main title for the "cover" I decided to go with what we called Seekerverse. I think it looks kinda cheesy...but I like the logo.

The background contains rock formations similar to what she show in the cartoon. The funky dome thing in the background is called the "gardendome" What that is is from Seekerverse RP where Decepticon Botanist Sunburst, studies earth plant life. She accelerates plant growth. The Decepticons, however use the dome as a sort of spot to go to get away from the hustle and bustle of Decepticon life.

The room with the view is Starscream's recharge chamber.