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Thunderstruck By: Sunstar

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Artist's Note

I am not sure how much of Thunderstruck I will attempt to illustrate. How much I will do will depend if I can draw what I want to draw. I realise that I will have to attempt to summerise the chapters into 3 - 6 pages. Being that there are 10 chapters, I see this as being a very big task. I hope no one expects this in a hurry. If I do choose to draw and colour this comic, we are looking at at least a year or so to complete it. It is an entertianing idea.

Chapter One - Rest Assured

Page 1:

Anyway, this is the first comic style page I had created, based off Thunderstruck. It was drawn very quickly. I have noticed a few issues in regards to this particular peice. I just hope if I continue to draw pages, I will improve and find it easier to get what I want. Thus far I am impressed with how it went from sketch to finished colours.

I realise now that with drawing the first two pages, that I will have to learn to draw the other transformers characters, so this will be a very audourous task