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The Recreation Centre is an archive of various Toys, mostly Starscream, Games, books, comics and vintage materials. Anything particularly informative will also be found in this section too. All articles in this section are owned by Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary.

Toy Collections
Games and Vintage

Starscream's Shrine. A proud collection of Starscream toys, figures and statues.

Friend's of Starscream. A collection of, mostly, Seeker toys and figures.

Movie Vault is a collection of the 2007 live action movie Starscream figures and associated toys.

Prisoner's of Starscream. A collection of miscellaneous toys such as Autobots, Gobots and some random Decepticons and whatnot.

Transformers Board game. An Original board game where you must Stop the evil Decepticons! Blasphamy!

Starscream Puzzles. Enjoy putting Starscream back together one piece at a time!12.29.06

Toy Information
Books and Things

Starscream Generations. An ongoing study of the evolution of toys and the character known as Starscream.

Ghosts of Yesterday. Transformers Movie prequel reviewNEW!

The Thunderscream Files. An Archive of Thunderscream's toy reviews

Comic book cover scans.

Find your fate books. Choose to fight with the Autobots or bring them to their doom at the hands of the Decepticons. I play to lose.

Interesting bits and peices, such as Valentines cards. Tell that special person "I love you" with a picture of Megatron.