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Please Donate: Save a Seeker!

Fellow Decepticons, you have stumbled upon the Seeker Sanctuary Donations page.

In order to maintain this website, a great deal of time and energy have gone into its creation. Fictions written, web graphics made, forum moderated. Time is a premium and Decepticons do get hungry. Come Save a Seeker and donate; the amount you choose is solely up to you.

How you wish to donate is also up to you. We have a couple different options. One being the quick and simple Paypal route. This is good if you have access to paypal. Alternatively, if you do not have Paypal and wish to help the site send a check or money order payable to Josie Thurman at the address below.

J. L. Thurman
695 Surrey Lane, Apt #1203
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
L7T 3Z3

Donations don't have to be monetary, Sunstar would cheerfully accept Starscream toys, Other Seekers or Decepticons.

Please remember to email Sunstar if you wish to donate via money order or check. That way Sunstar may be alert for incoming mail. Sending cash is risky and is not recommended.

Check out Sunstar's Wishlist for ideas.