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Orcs and Goblins Army
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Orcs and Goblins

It is not entirely common knowledge, but Sunstar has one other passion and addiction. She enjoys Warhammer. Warhammer, for those who don't know, is one of several games created by the Games Workshop Company.

Warhammer is quite diverse and it is easy to get addicted to it, just ask Sunstar who has over 600 Orcs and Goblins models and counting. This game system is not like most other games. Instead of buying ready made pieces, you collect individual characters and units, put them together and paint them up. Also, you can create your own characters to make your gaming experience more personal. On top of the modelling aspect, you can go all out and create your own Warhammer world with the creation of a gaming table and special terrain to decorate it to make the games more unique and interesting. Sunstar, enjoys the creative aspect of Warhammer, but she does play as well.

Continue on to see the Drakensberg Mountian Orcs and Goblin tribes, they are not your typical "Greenskin"

Moon Tooth Night Goblin Tribe
Goblin Tribes

Night Goblin Big Boss, Warboss and Battle Standards.
Night Goblin Shamans.
Night Goblin Fanatics. The Teeth of any Night Goblin Army.
Night Goblin Squig Nerds. The candy coloured Squig herds
Night Goblin Warboss on a Giant Squig.
Night Goblin Squig Hoppers
Night Goblin Arrer Boys.
Night Goblin Spear Boys.

Azzeekee: The Wolf Shaman - Conversion
Grom the Paunch Wolf Chariot.
Goblin Big Boss
Goblin Shamans
Goblin Wolf Riders.
Forest Goblin Spider Riders
"Dust" Goblins
Goblin Spear Chukkas.
Goblin Rock Lobbas
Goblin Doom Diver Catapult.
Goblin Wolf Chariot.

Orc Tribes
Beasts and Monsters

2007 Games Day Orc
Grimgore Ironhide
Orc Big Boss
Orc Shamans
Black Orc unit
Black Orc unit (Vintage)
Orc Arrer Boyz
Orc Boyz
Orc Boar Boyz.
Orc Boar Chariots.

Savage Orc Big Boss
Wurrzag ud Ura Zahubu - Special Character<
Savage Orc Shamans
Savage Orc Boyz

Wyvern and Rider
Goblin Warlord on Manticore
Snotling Pump Wagon
Wolf Trolls (Converted Rat Ogres)
Swamp Trolls (Fenbeasts)
Stone Trolls
Common Trolls

Other Stuff

Spell Markers: Little Waaagh!
Spell Markers: Big Waaagh!

Magic Item Markers
Objective Peices

Gaming Table
Orc Huts
Orc Totums
Orc Watch Tower
Grave Yard