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Welcome to Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary. A website that is primarily focused on the Seekers as well as the Decepticon faction. Here you will find various forms of art, fan fictions, archives of, mostly Seeker, toys, strange or odd items as well as a site forum. I hope that this site map will improve your browsing pleasure of my website, but any problems can be posted in the Repair bay site problems thread. Registration is not necessary for this.

While navigating this website, if you ever desire to return to this page, please click on the Control Room link below the Decepticon Insignia and I will admit there is a level of redundancy with the menu at the left, but it works.

Nemesis Archives and Holographic Simulator
Armoury and Ammunitions Room Toys & Games

Fan Art such as; photocomics, photo cards. RPG based art and art based upon fiction on the website.

Fan Fiction such as; Seeker of Vengeance, Ties that Bind as well as a few others.

Starscream's tarot cards. A set of pages which display the tarot major and minor arcana in a very screamerish light.

Thunderstruck Comic Adaptation. Read the fanfiction Thunderstruck? Now you can see it in comic format.

Seekerverse Comics. Based upon the weird life of Emperor Starscream in RPG.

Starscreams Shrine My proud collection of Starscream toys, figures and statues.

Friends of Starscream My collection of, mostly, Seeker toys and figures.

Prisoners of Starscream My collection of miscellaneous toys such as Autobots, Gobots and some random Decepticons and whatnot.

Starscream Generations is an informative look at Starscream toys and statues since the early 1980's to current day.

Movie Vault is a new addition to the website to house the 2007 live action movie figures and associated toys.

The Thunderscream Files Toy Reviews contains a selection of concise review regarding transformers figures. If in doubt, check them out.

Collector's Art Gallery is a collection of original art, prints and animation cells that Sunstar has added to the Collection and wishes to share.

The Communications Center
The Navigation and Information Center

Website Forum. Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary has its own forum so stop by and shoot the slag.

Website News. Updated often and will usually inform recent site updates or plans.

Myspace blog. Subscribe to this blog if you wish to keep up to date on most Seeker Sanctuary activities and more.

IRC Rules In case someone wants to drop by.

Weblinks These are sites and forums that are considered interesting or fun. I promise to make sure they are not broken.

About Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary A brief bit of information that describes the nature of the website.

Donate to Sunstar's Seeker sanctuary. Like it says.

A special thanks and credits to various people and sources who, in one way or another, helped make this website what it is today.

Coming soon, eventually, I hope... A page to purchase some Seeker Sanctuary things.