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There are so many transformers that Sunstar has been hoping to add to the collection over time. Starscream, of course, is a Primary target. But knowing what Starscream's Sunstar is actually looking for is, perhaps an enigma to some people. There seems to be more and more toys all the time. One way of finding out what Sunstar already has is to look at Starscream's shrine page or the Friends of Starscream page. If it's not there, Sunstar does not have it.

So please help! It would be great if people can help Sunstar out by watching for these toys, particularly at real good prices or even donate them. Here is, most likely incomplete, list of the Transformers Sunstar is looking for. These are wanted in a complete and good condition, but could be loose.

Sunstar will remove transformers as she gets them

The Wishlist
High Prioraty

Transparent SFC Starscream (act 5 ghost coloured)
G1 Dirge
G1 Ramjet
G1 Sunstorm
Diaclone Starscream
Kingdam Starscream
Superlink blue Nightscream (G1 Colours)
Black and White History collection Starscream
Mega SFC Armada Starscream
Mega SFC Skywarp

SFC Starscream
SFC Pewter coloured Armada Starscream
Knockoff Chrome WST Lucky draw Starscream
Knockoff Chrome WST gold Starscream
Legends of Cybertron Ramjet
WST Skywarp
WST Thundercracker
Decoy Skywarp
Decoy Thundercracker
Armada Skywarp
Armada Thundercracker
Cybertron Skywarp
Cybertron Thundercracker
Thunderblast (femcon)
Movie Deep space Starscream
Mini Knockoff Starscream
Mini Knockoff Ghost Starscream
Mini Knockoff black Starscream

Autobot Targets
In my Dreams

Any of the MP-01 or 20th ani Matrix.

Classics Thundercracker
Classics Thrust
Classics Dirge
Classics Sunstorm
Classics Sunstar (Very wishful)
Titanium 3 inch Skywarp (May be real)
Titanium 3 inch Sunstorm
Titanium 6 inch WWI Skywarp(may be real)
Robotmasters Sunstorm