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Behind the Scenes - Starscream's Voice Actors

Over the 30 years of Transformers there have been six different voice actors bringing life to the character of Starscream. Each one added his own flavour to the voice and vocal mannerism of this Infamous Decepticon.

However, it must be said that most actors try to bring a certain type of tone to Starscream that was started by Chris Latta. Very few have come close to truly capturing the voice. Steve blum is, by consideration of the Author of this page, by far the best of all interpretations of the Character, giving a level of sinister that even Chris Latta could not achieve. Still, with that said, the love for the original character has never diminished.

For the time being, Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary will Explore the English speaking voices. However research into the Foreign speakers may come in time.

Below we have the current voice actors

Generation One

Voice Actor:Chris Latta / Christopher Collins
Life: 1949 1994
Series: 1984 1986

Starscream was killed off in the 1986 Movie: Transformer the Movie but he came back as a ghost in two of season three's episodes Starscream's Ghost and Ghost in the Machine.

Beast Wars

Voice Actor:Doug Parker
Life: 1957
Series: 1997

Starscream who had been killed in the Aforementioned Animated movie comes back to posers Waspinator in some wild attempt to scheme once again in the single Episode of Possession.

Unfortunately Sunstar wishes to crawl up the wall in response to this particular version of the voice as the actor is trying very hard to nail G1 down and missing that nail entirely.

Unicron trilogy - Armada, Energon and Cybertronian

Voice Actor:Michael Dobson
Life: 1966
Series: 2002 2004, 2004, 2005


Starscream has a mildly British accent, which is an interesting take on the character. His vocal tone is somewhat raspy - much like the Original character. The voice does not change in any of the three series but Energon can be said to be where he lacks in his most normal personality of being an absolute backstabber. He is nothing more than a zombie with Starscream's voice. Cybertron his true colours emerge once more, with a big ego to go with his big body.

Michael Dobson was recently at Anime North Toronto on May 25th 2014. Sunstar was unable to attend, but a friend, Loeki, was able to attend and get his signature as well as a video voice Message. The can be found here Video Message as well as a response to my twitter message in thanks.


Live Action Movies:

Voice Actor:Charles Adler
Life: 1956
Series: 2007, 2009, 2011

A mech of few words, Starscream did not get very many spoken parts in the first movie, he had a few more in Revenge of the Fallen and a couple in the final Movie Dark of the Moon. His voice when he did speak was raspy and somewhat sinister. It was a fairly decent take on the character's nature. Unfortunately he had an ignominious death at the hands of Sam Witwicky.

Transformers Animated

Voice Actor:Tom Kenny
Life: 1962
Series: 2007 - 2009

Tom Kenny brings in a wonderful take on the G1 Style Starscream with the untrustworthy - snake like voice and some absolute hilarious vocal adaptations. His portrayal of Starscream in this series hit the nail on the head for the child-like cartoon and homage to the Original Character.

Transformers Prime and Transformers Prime Beast Hunters

Voice Actor:Steve Blum
Life: 1960
Series: 2010 - 2013

Starscream in this series has an older, more mature voice. It could be described as husky. His portrayal in the series is spectacular and the situations explored for him, such as loss of flight, taking command, and on the run were portrayed true to character. Also his ability to obtain the Omega keys alone, without flight and without backup of any sort showed that he has the skills.

This series is by far Sunstar's favourite next to the Original G1